Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Report: Seriously considering a name change...

Weekly Report is my way of showing you from week to week (most of the time) what new books I received and what has gone on in the past week. So basically it's a report for all the awesome that I got and shared! Originally I posted IMM by Story Siren this is just my version with a little extra ;) all book names take you to the Goodreads page.

So this report comes less than weekly.... Often.  I am now debating on a name change for this report.  I wonder do I change it to one of the popular posts or do I find a new name...  Do I try and convince Joy from Joyous Reads to let me do Hoarders with her...  Though once again my posting for this has become irregular and hers is VERY EPIC and regular.  Anyway here is my post for this week :)  I did get a few late entries but I will add them to next weeks... or the week after as it is late and I have LOTS of school stuff and work tomorrow but I will try to post my report next week :)


For Review

Thank You Tor Teen!

Thank you Raincoast!

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