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CIN by Christina Leigh Pritchard (Tour Review & Giveaway)

YA, Sci-Fi
Publication Date:April 13, 2010
Published By: Author
SeriesCIN Series #1
Review copy:Provided for honest review
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Seventeen year old Lisa Brown’s life is falling apart. First, her mother and father divorce, then their house forecloses and now, her mother has decided to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital.If that weren’t enough, she must leave sunny south Florida to attend a boarding school fullofgeniuses in cold, Lynn, Massachusetts. The city where the locals chant “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin; you never come out the way you went in.”And, they aren’t kidding. Lisa must live in a tiny shack with two strange teenagers, a dog named Pig who growls when you look at him and a cat named Rat. “Mind the cat,” everyone says. What the heck is wrong with this place?Lisa thinks she’s landed in her own house of horrors with the anti-social Alex and his facetious sister Ally. But, the real drama begins the day she is struck by lightning...

   This is actually a really hard review for me to write.  I easily powered through this book in less than a day and I enjoyed it.  CIN was an easy read, that carried something unique within the pages.  It's hard to pin point just when I decided I liked this read and honestly that's part of the charm and intrigue I think.

  There's a lot going on in this book.  So many secrets that everyone was keeping and so few answers that anyone was willing to give.  I really enjoyed the guessing game and figuring out if I was right or not.  I think what made it all so unique was not just the characters but the Lynn itself.  You know that there's something with the people but you can also feel this odd vibe from the town.  Every time you found something out or figured it out you could tell there was still something missing.  CIN also got major points for having a steady pace that was easy to remain interested in.  As started above something was always happening, always being figured out but at the same time there was always more.  

  I really liked Lisa.  However, at the same time she often had me going wtf?  She wasn't typical or naive but she held some common traits that irritate me in a MC.  Her shipment to Lynn was due to a mother that had issues caring for her and though she was clearly irritated, she said nothing just holding out hope her mother would come back for her.  This behaviour was the same in several instances.  This being said she also was able to hold her ground when needed.  Lisa was thrown into an odd environment to say the least and despite how cranky everyone got, she still questioned things.

  I'm not sure if I should call the romance in this one a triangle or not.  I'm also not sure how I feel about how everything developed between Alex and Lisa.  Weird I know because I liked Alex for so many odd reasons.  I mean the guy was rude but at the same time wasn't completely distant.  It was his connection and messed up behaviour to Lisa that kind of picked at me, not to mention the fact that you could always tell that he wasn't quite being honest.  There is a point in having secrets but when they come out, why hide the most ridiculous things that you know the other person is going to figure out eventually?  I know I jumped and didn't explain the triangle but it's just to hard to explain how it was a possibility but never was at the same time.
  Finishing CIN you just want the other books.  You want to know what goes on after that last page, and find out the answers to the questions that are left unanswered.  I personally enjoyed what turned out to be a completely random read.  Though I do have things that bothered me and at times irritated me, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the next book because somehow it's just addicting.  This is the kind of read that you pick up when you want something a little out there, that doesn't always answer the questions right when you want it and will leave you wanting that little bit more.

About the Author

Christina Leigh Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida. Her first stories were written at the age of nine in spiral notebooks and in the various diaries she kept. Since she's upgraded to a computer, she's completed over fifty books, including her ALMOST Series, signed with Limitless Publishing. Christina Leigh Pritchard is still going strong with many more to come! Her genre's include science fiction, dark fantasy, young adult, drama, suspense, historical romance, multicultural, comedy, poetry and many more. 

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