Thursday, January 3, 2013

**REVIEW** Shadow's Edge by Maureen Lipinski

My magical life is dead to me now . . . This is my last chance at freedom. Once, Leah Spencer didn't mind being a natural-born Shaman to the Creatuir, a human helper to faeries, shapeshifters, and other magical beings. But that was before she listened to her friend Fiona and broke Rule #1, traveling unprepared to the Other Realm where she quickly lost a whole year of time. She missed out on everything--holidays, school, her sixteenth birthday, the boyfriend who ditched her. After that, Leah swore to leave all things magical behind and lead the life of a normal high school girl. Now Fiona is missing, and something is killing off the Creatuir, both Light and Dark. As the Creatuir prepare to go to war, Leah is torn between her safe new life and solving the Other Realm murder spree. With the help of her three sisters (each with her own magical gift), and three gorgeous guys--who may or may not be part of the evil magic--Leah must vanquish an ancient dark force. Unless an unimaginable secret about her family destroys her first.
Release Date: January 8, 2012
Published By:  Flux
Review Copy: Paperback, 312 pages 


  Truth be told this one I picked up because it was based on a Shaman.  Not that I have never read anything with one in it but that's it they are in it and not about it.  Me trying to expand my horizons and try new things thought this would be a good idea, I was right.  Though I did feel a little lost at the start, like maybe I had missed a book but I hadn't(I checked).  This however was quickly fixed and possibly I was just a little quick to the trigger and way too impatient.  Once I figured out why the girl that left the post that she was born to stand on, everything became easy and at times intense.

  Leah wants a normal life, to be a normal teen.  Though she hasn't always thought this way, once she was happy with her Shaman title and happily helped the Creatuir..  This only changed when she ended up loosing an entire year of her life when she lost track of time.  So her family as moved back to her fathers home town to try and give her the life she wants but when things start going wrong and Leah finds out her friend and the previous Shaman Fiona is dead.  Now the question is does she hang onto the new normal that she has found, or go back to her old life and the Creatuir.

  Leah was not exactly a stand out character for me.  She was back and forth with her confidence but she did have it so I can't say she was a push over.  When she was at school she seemed nervous and withdrawn but she had also never been to a real school and when you want nothing mor than to fit in then I guess you first bi of time would be nerve wracking.  When she thought about her Shaman side and responsibilities it was like nothing could go on without her.  So overall  I didn't not like her.  She wasn't whiny, she wasn't weak but she also didn't shine.  Through the book I did try to connect with her but couldn't but despite that it wasn't hard to read about her either.

  Though her family may be considered freaks from the outside(minus her normal father), I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have a family like that.  A mother that helps people discover who they really are through their past lives, Gia her youngest sister is a muse, Reah is the reincarnation of Cleopatra and Morgana who's talen is energy healing.  I loved how different they all were and how they interacted.  Though my favourite was the attitude filled Reah.  Sometimes she could be a bit much but I am a fan of hers.  Oh and the irony of their rhyming names was not lost to other characters either.

  The best part about this novel was by far the Creatuir and the world that she created.  Creatuir are like the Fae.  I didn't look it up myself to see if that is what they are meant to be but the light and the dark were there.  Though it didn't matter light or dark they both still loved their tricks and messing with humans.  There were so many types of Creatuir, yet they were all very unique.  With different types, different eyes, different bodies and even their colouring was unique for each character.  Not going to lie Quenn Kiera of the Dark Creatuir creeped the bejesus out of me.  She is a Baobhan sith, aka Irish vampire.  Though she is creepy there are worse things that live on the Dark side.

  This book was easy to read and overall was interesting.  I plan on getting my hands on the next book Cleopatra Awakening as soon as I can.  Rhea being my favourite character I have high hopes for it.  If it is written like this one with her as the main focus its bound to be good.  Not sure what I really expected but this wasn't it.  The Shaman aspect was unique, the characters were fun and I for the most part enjoyed reading this book.  Leah may not stand out but she wasn't weak either so it was interesting.  There were things to enjoy and things that bugged at me,  I do suggest you give this one a try yourself.

I'm a deranged person who Alex is kindly assisting into the building in the same manner in which he'd help an elderly woman!  I am weird! Look at me with disdain and confusion!

"All right, ladies.  Line up!" said a person clad in a baggy t-shirt and gym shorts.  I say "person" because I honestly had no idea if it was a man or woman.

I calmly told him if he thought I was going to travel to the mystical realm anytime soon, he must be doing a huge amoun of drugs.  I think he got the point.

I felt the six eyes of my sisters boring holes into my skull. Thankfully the game started up again an I shot them all I Will Send the Dark Dudes To Kill You Right Now looks.



  1. I've never heard of this book before! Though shamans and faeries aren't really my cup of tea, I've been known to eat crow at times. Lol. I might just add this to my list. :)

    Thanks for the review, and Happy New Year, Tiff!

  2. This sounds so good, and I like the cover. I haven't read anything with Shamans either, so that is definitely piquing my interest. I think this is one that I need to check out.


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