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~Event Recap & Giveaway~ The Occasionalist


So TOTAL FAIL on the taking of any pictures outside of the authors and
the books and swag when I got home!! I have no banner, no amazing graphic...
NOTHING.  I do however, feel like the authors and the pile of books make
up for it.  Look at the end of the post for the wonderful giveaway of all the extra
swag that authors gave me for you guys!! 

Books I had signed...  Yes I know there is A LOT but what can I say the authors
there were AMAZING!!!  I sadly did not visit all of the author booths because I did
not have books for all of them and I would not have been able to pay bills if I had. Now
I am saddened by this because as the list below shows there were MANY AMAZING
people that I did not go see but my obsession can only go so far guys.

Everyone that was There

Abbi GlinesAleatha RomigAmy BartolDenise Grover SwankGeorgia CatesHeidi McLaughlinJasinda WilderJillian DoddK.A. TuckerKarina HalleKatie AshleyLyla PayneR.k. LilleyRebecca DonovanShelly Crane, Tara SivecToni Aleo

The BOLD, Italic and Red are the authors that I actually met and talked to. Below is me & the
authors in the order I met them!!!

That is right I got to meet Shelly Crane!!!  I think I may have been a little overwhelmed and really may have been a little creepy but what can I say I was excited!!  This is an author that I never EVER thought I would get the chance to meet and it happened!!! I am so glad that her flight did not end up being cancelled because I would have been devastated!! Happily Shelly obviously made it and Kristie and I rushed to her table as soon as we were aloud in :)

SO...  I am so ashamed that upon meeting Kathleen I made a bit of a fool of myself.  Oh ya...  I have read her books since Anathema and have adored them.  Sadly I did not know that she is a Canadian author!! *hangs head in shame*  Not only that but she is from Ontario <3  I was also excited to find out that she will be at a signing in Toronto again at the end of this month!!! 

Do you not just love her dress?!  Seriously it is beautiful but then again it suits the  author.  This is the wonderful author of Dark House and MANY more reads and is also a Canadian/Ontario author... However, I did know that :)

The AMAZING Abbi Glines people!!! Can I tell you how sweet she was and how much I love her accent?! Wonderful lady really and I swear she had the never ending line.  We did eventually however make it up to the front!  I was also happy to her that Abbi will be at the same signing with K.A. Tucker at the end of the month, so the books that a certain book store (that I pre-ordered at that), that did not make it to me for the signing will be able to be signed!!

These last two authors are certainly not least!!  They were right by the door and in my rush 
to meet the authors that I had books for, their books caught my eye.  Before I left I made sure 
to stop by and read about their books and chat with them and let me tell you I am SO glad
I did because they had so much personality and we laughed our behinds off and I ended up 
buying books from both of them!!!

This is Lyla Payne (aka Trisha Leigh Ziegenhorn for her YA novels).  I LOVE her dress as well (why are authors so pretty?!) and she was super sweet.  She dealt with my super excited ways and my touching of all her books super well!!  I am still regretting not picking up her The Last Year series because they sound amazing and are BEAUTIFUL but as I said guys I was BROKE by the end and sadly had to just live with the fact that I was able to touch them :(

Denise Grover Swank is freaking AMAZING.  She totally wasn't freaked out by my spastic happy dance (I think she wasn't at least...) because she offered up a book for me to give away to you guys!!! It will be up early next week with .  I was on an author high by the time I reached her and was kind of ADD and it took me a couple of go's to read the synopsis on her books.  While I was flighty and easily distracted she was awesome.  When we all got talking (Kristie, Lyla, Denise and I) some amusing things came up... Ahem #FILTER and we basically laughed until there was almost tears.

By the time Kristie and I walked away I could not have been more happy that I had stopped and met these EPIC authors.  Seriously guys LOOK THESE LADIES UP!!! I have read After Math and hope that on reading week I can get to their other books #anticipation


SO I got LOTS of extra swag to give away to you guys!!  ALL of the swag will
be packed into the bag and sent away to ONE lucky winner!!!
 This is open INT so 
 enter away guys and GOOD LUCK!!!


  1. You are so lucky, Tiff! You looked like you had fun! ;)

  2. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time - you are so lucky :) I wish we had more events in Australia like that. I would love to meet Tara Sivec - I'm sure she would be hilarious!

  3. I´d love to meet Tara Sivec ! :)
    Jenna O

  4. Wow! That's sounds like so much fun! I wish Colorado had more YA signings. :)
    I'd be so happy to meet any one of them!

  5. I would have loved to meet Karina Halle cause she's not just Canadian, but West Coast Canadian. We could commiserate about the wet weather like only west coasters can.

    I agree with the above commenters too, there need to me more signings in smaller locations. No one ever comes to my island ::sigh::

    ~ K

  6. i think i would have loved to meet jilian dodd since in fact she is teh only one i've read a book so far in your list^^;;

  7. You are so lucky.I am so envious.

  8. OMG! I would love to meet Abbi Glines!!! That would be the best day of my life! :)

  9. So many awesome Canadian authors!! I'd love to meet Abbi Glines ... Hoping I can go to the Indigo event next week! Thanks for the pics and giveaway!

  10. Abbi Glines, K.A. Tucker or Jasinda Wilder! It would be amazing.

  11. I soliloquy would've died meeting Shelly Crane!!!

    1. Ugh between auto correct and my excited self, I meant sooo would've died meeting Shelly crane lol.

  12. BEST BOOKS EVER!!! :) A pleasure to read them.

  13. I have actually met all of them and think they are all wonderful but right now I am busy stalking Abbi Glines. I have been to two events recently and have somehow managed to miss her both times. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have stuff for her to sign. I am considering going and waiting for her on her doorstep lol

  14. Abbi Glines and Shelly Crane. I love their novels, and they seem like really sweet people :) You're lucky to have met them both!!

  15. Abbi Glines!!!! I LOVE her books. :)

  16. I wish I could of met anyone of jealous.. but glad you did

  17. I wish I could of met anyone of jealous.. but glad you did

  18. Would have loved to meet some of my fave authors especially Shelly Crane and Abbi Glines!

  19. Shelly Crane! I want to meet her so bad! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I think I would've freaked out if I got to meet Abbi Glines or Shelly Crane :)

  21. Shelly Crane!! Only one i haven't met yet!!

  22. I would love to meet Abbi Glines!

  23. You are so lucky!! It would be great to meet any of the autors I live in Ireland so my chances are really low .
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Shelly Crane, Abbi Glines, and Tara Sivec :)

  25. this is so cool! thanks for the're very lucky

  26. oooh tough one!! Maybe Shelly Crane and Abbi Glines from the list?? BUT ALL OF THEM MWAHAHAHA

  27. abbi glines, jasinda wilder, rk lilley, karina halle! I am addicted to reading, I cannot choose. thanks for the great giveaway

  28. Shelly Crane!! Love her series!!

  29. I would have loved to meet R.k. Lilley

  30. Jasinda Wilder! I hope her hubby was there because even her hub's book is awesome! <3

  31. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! I can't believe this*-*. Abbi & Shelly are amazing!!!


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