Monday, October 7, 2013

**REVIEW** Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines

Release Date:  July 30, 2013
Published By:  Atria Books
Length:  247 pages
Review Copy:  Paperback, Purchased


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My future was about to be completely thrown off track because Della Sloane was under my skin, and I had to have her. I couldn’t ignore it anymore . . . I’d gotten close enough to her to see deeper.

Della Sloane is not your average girl. Yearning to break free of her dark and sheltered past and the memories of the illness that claimed her mother, Della plans a solo road trip to experience real life on her own terms. But the trip is nearly cut short in the little beach town of Rosemary when she realizes she can’t even pump her own gas—until Woods Kerrington shows up, more than willing to help out a pretty girl in need.

Woods’s family wants him to settle down with a wealthy woman in pearls, but he can’t resist this carefree girl in cutoffs passing through town. A one-night stand should have been enough, but months later, Woods can’t get the irresistible Della out of his head.

When a twist of fate brings Della back to Woods, all signs point to trouble if they don’t keep their distance. Neither is truly free, and a relationship could destroy both of them. With their hearts on the line, Della thinks the safest bet is to walk away. But Woods isn’t about to let that happen . . .

Probably the most addictive 247 pages that I have ever read. Abby Glines has created such a beautiful and tragic story, it had my heart pulling in every which way. After reading just one book, I can with certainty say that I am an Abby Glines addict. The entire book was filled with so much passion and emotion that I can not imagine someone not being able to put it down and walk away… So long as you are a New Adult fan that is because some of the scenes are enough to make you fan yourself or take a cold shower.

What I love most about New Adult novels and why I continue to come back to them is that they not only deal with some serious issues but they feel real. Glines created one of the most heartbreaking back stories for Della and though you do not know right from the start exactly what it is, the glimpses that you are given are heartbreaking. When her path crosses with Woods path I personally was terrified because I wanted her to be free and do what she had left to accomplish. I realize that I should have known better and that certain things are just destined to be but the heart wants what the heart wants and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

When it comes to Della she is almost too much for words. Not in a bad way but more in a way that makes her hard to put into words and do justice to. She is strong, free, breakable, broken and yet there was not a moment that I thought that there was something that she would not make it through. Undoubtedly there was moments that she doubted herself and her fear showed but you can not live through the trauma that Della experienced and have no scars, no skeletons in the closet. I think that out of everything her determination to live freely, experience life and let things come as they came. There is a good possibility that I could continue on and on about Della but the bottom line is that she is a beautiful and yet broken soul.

Woods was everything Della didn’t need in a man and yet he worked. This guy was the very embodiment of panty melter. Even when I thought he was no good for Della and that he should let one of his friends try, he could melt you right down. There is no doubt that he is hotter than hell but if he wasn’t there probably wouldn't be much of a story, would there? However, just because he is good looking does not mean his life is perfect. Woods had a lot of hard decisions to make on his own and was willing to give up his happiness in the name of a job that he felt meant more than love. Undoubtedly he helped Della with certain things but it is all now a matter of if it will all work out.

Glines writing flows so easily and is so beautiful that it would be hard not to rush out and buy more just to get a fix of them more often. In fact I am awaiting the other books I had ordered more anxiously than I was prior to picking this up. This book was everything I wanted and more. If you are a fan of NA this is a book that you should not miss!! Personally it made its way on to my favourites shelf before I was even done!!!

I didn't have much experience with guys, but I had enough to know that even when they were gorgeous, like this one, it didn't make a good person.  I had lost my virginity to a smooth-talking Southern boy with a smile that made panties drop all over the place.  It had been the worst experience of my life.  But this guy might be helpful.  He wasn't offering sex.  He was offering to help me.  At least I thought he was. -Della

This was a really bad idea..  I should move.  Guys like him didn't treat women well.  Why did they have to smell and look so wonderful? -Della

She was like crack.  It had taken all my willpower to walk out on her the last time we'd done this.  Now I needed to get her out of my system or at least die trying. -Woods

My future was about to be completely thrown off course because Della Sloane was under my skin and I had to have her.  I couldn't ignore it anymore.  It wasn't just the sex.  It had been in the beginning, but not now. -Woods

I was completely sunk.  This man had the power to destroy me.  I moved over him and straddled his lap.  I reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head before pulling his hoodie off me.  I wanted to feel his skin against mine. -Della

I couldn't think about this.  I shoved off the bed and stalked back to the bathroom to calm down.  This was not her fault.  I was becoming a complete possessive bastard and she didn't deserve that. -Woods


  1. Cold-shower inducing, is it? Lol. Glad you've discovered Abbi Glines. She does have a penchant for writing steamy books. :)

  2. I am very curious about Abbi Glines. I follow her on facebook and she seems so nice. I really need to start reading her books. Sounds good.


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