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~Promo Post~ Jar of Pandora by Marisette

 Jar of Pandora (Book Two)

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Kasey Reese ran from a life of responsibility to study abroad in Deia, Spain. She hoped for an adventure, but what unfolded in Spain was beyond the imaginable. In that remote little village she met the love of her life, Dion - a twenty-year-old immortal saint.

Kasey and Dion return to America only to realize their love is challenged by their opposite virtues and Kasey’s dysfunctional family.

Unique and action-packed, in this book Kasey learns that Pandora is her immortal grandmother. Determined to find her and to uncover many truths, Kasey sets out with Dion on a deadly journey. But answers come with a great cost - a three thousand year old prophecy, a feud of the gods and death.

“I’m calling 911,” Teal said frazzled by the whole thing.
I held on to his wrist tighter, “Hold on not yet.”
“What do you mean not yet, are you crazy!” Teal screamed at me frantic.
Dion didn’t hesitate. He swiftly scooped Nolan into his arms and disappeared before our eyes.
“Where the hell are they? What the hell just happened?” Teal looked around confused.
“Come on let’s go.” I sat up, grabbed my things, and headed for the car. I wept all the way. I couldn’t get it under control.
“No,” Teal pulled his hand away. I hadn’t even noticed that I was still holding on to it.
“Kasey, what is going on?”
“I don’t know,” I yelled back.
“Where’s is Dion and Nolan? How could they have just disappeared?” He started to follow me to my car.
“Dion took Nolan back to his house.” I knew I had a lot of explaining to do.
“Exactly how,” he stopped walking.
 “I will explain in the car, now let’s get the hell out of here.”
He gathered the seriousness in my tone and hurried to catch up. As soon as we made it to the car my phone vibrated. It was Dion letting me know that he arrived at the house and Nolan was with Max. Feeling relieved but completely terrified I sobbed.
 “Who was that?” Teal asked. His eyes wide, his face covered with an expression of madness. I started the car with shaky hands and began our forty-five minute trip to the Kleon ranch. I kept my breathing shallow and slow. The smell of blood from our clothes made me sick.
“It was Dion, he’s at the house. Max is taking care of Nolan.”
 “Kasey,” Teal narrowed his eyes, “how did Dion get to Saint Cloud in a few minutes?”
I exhaled and shot quick glances at Teal. “Dion isn’t exactly human.”
He lost all color in his face and his eyes went from narrow to wide.
 “What do you mean he’s not human?”
 “Dion and his brothers are immortals…”
 “Jesus, Kasey. I’m going to flip out on you if you freakin tell me your boyfriend is a vampire!” He was crazed.
 “Don’t be ridiculous Teal, vampires don’t exist…I don’t think. Dion and his brothers are immortal saints.”

About the Author

Teacher, mother, and wife, not in that order. I’m an extreme Florida girl whose never seen snow. I believe white should be worn at funerals, not black. Studied at the University of Central Florida for a BA in English. If I can avoid close-toed shoes, I do. Born from Cuban immigrant parents I spoke Spanish before I spoke English. If you ever see me staring blankly into nothing, then my head is in a story.

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