Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekly Report: Being Broke & Giveaway Addicted!

Weekly Report is my way of showing you from week to week (most of the time) what new books I received and what has gone on in the past week. So basically it's a report for all the awesome that I got and shared! Originally I posted IMM by Story Siren this is just my version with a little extra ;) all book names take you to the Goodreads page.

  I am well aware that this is normally my Sunday post and also that I have not done it since the first of the month but Indie Girl March starts Saturday and I will not be posting anything but what all of the lovely ladies have sent me.  I have been swamped between school, work and reading/reviewing but it is SO worth it!! There are 50+ (I think basically 60) ladies that signed up and there are amazing giveaways, guest posts, interviews and MORE!! So, this is why I am posting this today :)  However, I would still LOVE to hear what you got this week, last week and whenever!


From used book stores...  Thank you for having books at discounted prices so that I can still 
afford to pick up a couple of books over the past month!


Thank you to Kristie for these beauties!! She picked them up for me because she knew I wanted 
them and we switched off for me driving to the Marissa Meyer event!


Sadly this is not all I won this month...  Actually most of it was won prior to this month!
My haul for this month is mind blowing and though I am over the moon about these books,
I am almost afraid to post at the start of April to show you what my brokeness encouraged lol

Thank you to Kismet Touring and Harlequin Teen for this amazing signed copy!!
I won this during the Heart Beat blog tour and am SO EXCITED to start this one <3

Won as part of Sutton Shield's Christmas event <3  Thank you SO MUCH for this Ellen,
I'm excited for your twist on this tale!

Also part of the Christmas Giveaway that Sutton Shields hosted I did get this at the start of 
this month!  I also must confess that it came with chocolates that are lone gone but
were delicious!!!  Like amazing!! There is also a box of Justin Beiber Trading cards...
Anyways... Thank you Susan!! 

Thank you to Susan Kaye Quinn for this beauty!!  I won it from a Steampunk event that
she was a part of and am looking forward to checking out the new world that she has
created because I loved Open Minds and Closed Hearts (sadly haven't read Free Souls yet).

What did you get?  Have you read any of these?
Do any of them catch your eye?

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  1. Hi Tiff! I hope you're doing well. :)

    Good luck on your March festivities.


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