Saturday, April 5, 2014

This is NOT Goodbye...

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  Well, this is a day that I did not for one second see coming.  I am so sad to be writing this post and honestly I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it for quite some time.  In fact it took telling someone that would remind me if I didn't to get this done.  However, as you read this please remember this is not goodbye!!  This is I will see you later... An extended vacation if you will.

  My Indie Girl March event is the event I look most forward to the entire year.  I LOVE indie authors and honestly they are the ones that keep me going.  The things is they kept me going through the month of March but at times it was a lot.  Not because of them (as I said they kept me going), but because of all of the other stresses I have had in my life... 
  In March Adam's father got ill.  I spent the better part of a week at a hospital where we found out his cancer returned...  This took a lot out of me and my family.  We know he will beat it but it is still not easy to take in.  This made me realize how easily everything can change...
Which brings me to:
 Turns out school is only getting harder.  This semester was supposed to be easier on us but there was an increase in papers.  Like lengthy papers that took up more time than I wished they had... Now as much as it irritates me I must give a little.  I was blogging here and on the amazing Bookish.  There is a team of us there and I have been letting them down.  I have not posted in a few months (2-3 shame on me), and I think at this point being where there is constant support will help me out. 

  So, all of the giveaways here will remain on and the winners will still be drawn and sent off to the authors.  My giveaway that has winners drawn from awhile back will be contacted in the next week or two, so I can get them their prizes sent out asap! If you are an author that I have worked with before I would be overjoyed that you allow me to continue on with me over on Bookish.  

  I do intend once school is done and life is settled to return here but please visit me on Bookish, as I will miss you all!! 

*Tears*  This is not goodbye...


  1. This is so sad, Tiff. I wish you and your family well. HUGS. <3

  2. Wishing good health and happiness to you and your family, will miss your updates. Blessed be. :)

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