Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm BACK!!! (P.S. It's my Birthday too!) + Giveaway

I'm Back!!!

  I have written this post so many times.  It has been on write, erase, repeat for almost a week now.  If I'm being honest it is now Sunday (and my birthday) and I am writing this post because I NEED to get this up because I wanted it up Thursday.  THURSDAY people, and I'm doing this now. I feel that it's falling flat of everything I want and NEED to say.  Oh, how I have missed blogging but I suffered from something...  Something terrible... Blogger burnout.

Blogger Burnout 

  I left here because I was burning out...  I felt that I wasn't doing the best I could by this blog, I wasn't doing the best I could for all of you, for the books I was reading.  So, I thought with college and home life crushing in on me I would be better off somewhere where there was less pressure. Though moving gave a temporary relief, I began to feel like I was lagging, like I just didn't fit into the blogging community anymore.  Though my new blogging family did everything in their power to make me feel  right, I slipped further into burnout.

  The struggle was seriously real and the harder I fought, the more it pulled me under.  I was drowning in the books that I was so excited to buy, the ones I was once happy dancing to receive.  Books were staring at me from my shelves accusing me of neglect, and the longer this happened the worse it got. 

  My solution...  I stopped forcing myself to read.  I bought the books and I appreciated them but I just didn't try.  I was sad and I missed reading but it had to be done.  Miraculously one day I realized that there was no longer a guilt, no longer a pressure.  So, I tried to pick up a book.  I was cautious but I wanted it so bad and to my delight I loved it.  So, I picked up another and another and another. 

 Then my real test came... Writing a review.  I struggled.  I struggled with what to say and if the review was good enough and if anyone would like it.  Then I remembered that pressure that I felt and started to panic. How could anyone ever want to read my reviews when I had been gone?  When they aren't as good as so many reviewers, reviews are?  After a bit of a meltdown I remembered...  THIS IS FOR ME.

  Yes, I want people to enjoy my reviews and my blog.  Yes, I want authors and publishers to want me to post about them on the blog but it's okay if they don't.  I may never be hugely popular but I will have people, authors, bloggers and others that support me and I will do the same.  I hope that many of you will find my return happy.  That you will share your blogs with me so I can visit and start being an active part of blogging.  I want to support others and I WANT to be a part of the community.

So for all of you reading this:


  So because I'm back and super excited about it, and because today is my birthday I want to give one of my readers something!!  You will have a choice of a Book from the Book Depository up to $20 or something from Evie's Society 6 store up to $20 (this is not from Evie it's just I love her store and I REALLY know many of you will love her awesome designs).  The only catch is you have to be in a country in which the BD ships free and if you pick the Society 6 route I will ship when the shipping is World Wide free.

Here's the link to her store if you want to scope out what you could pick:
Evie Seo's Society 6


  1. Thanks for the giveaway and welcome back; I have always loved your blog because I am a mermaid lover. ;) I will be looking forward to more book reviews. :)

  2. Welcome back! I'm a big audiobook fan. Have you given them a try lately? I'd like to see what you think about them with burn out.

  3. Welcome back!!! with the sate my life is at the moment i understand you all to well
    i will just be looking forward you as you are doing wonderfully

  4. Welcome back! I'd love to see some book hauls <3

  5. Welcome back and happy belated birthday! I would love to see the books that pushed you to read again.

  6. Welcome back!! :) Always interested in reading more reviews, book recommendations, author's posts/interviews, book hauls..
    Thanks for a generous giveaway! :)

  7. Welcome back! I always love seeing good, thoughtful discussions. :)

  8. Welcome back! I am excited to see more book recs! I love seeing what books the blogs I follow recommend!

  9. Would love to see tips on book blogging and book hauls.

  10. I'm so very happy that you are back doing what you love.

  11. Hope you had a lovely birthday!! ♥ And thank you for celebrating it with this giveaway!
    I'm new here, but I do enjoy reading posts with TAGS ^^ It's always interesting and fun to read other people's answers and choices, so if you could have some of that, it'd be awesome!!

  12. Welcome back and Happy birthday!!! Love seeing book hauls and author interviews

  13. Welcome back!! And happy b-day :) (better late than never!)
    I love book hauls and tags, so I'll like to see that on the blog!!


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