Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Plans, New Blog! Aka Lets Talk...

  Though I am thankful for my hiatus in December, I found myself thinking frequently of where I was going to go with blogging.  I had discussed blogger burn out and though the reality is real I hadn't considered many other factors.  As I pulled myself from my reading slump, I never considered the repercussions of reading and hitting a reviewing slump.  So, I reached out and looked for another outlet.  I returned to Instagram.  Now an huge outlet for book lovers, aka Bookstagram.  I mean I hit a bump here but still love being a part of this community and wasn't ready to throw in the towel.  So, for a few months I kept up on here and on Bookstagram.  Then I realized that I had slipped out of blogging and took my hiatus to be creative and think over the future of this blog.  I have struggled blogging on my own and keeping up with posting daily, feeling pressure from myself to do more, do better.  I tried doing three posts a week but, this didn't feel true to me either.  I love a full blog and need change.  So, I've thought a great deal about this and I hope that I will find support in my new decision and direction for this blog.  I've found a solution that I believe will allow the love I have for this blog, and the new creative love of Bookstagram to flow together.

As of now you will find that I wont just be posting reviews and memes.  I will also be posting about what I am doing on Bookstagram.  This means sharing some of my favorite shots lately, any tips that I have either figured out or been given and random stuff like that.  I will admit that I adore taking pictures of books and am super excited to start combining the loves of my bookish life.  If you wonder what these pictures will be like, the picture behind the graphic is one that I took.  You will notice the style is ever changing but that is the great thing about these pictures:  everything is always changing.  I will also be doing some bookish product reviews.  Some I will buy and some have been sent to me as part of being a rep for that company.  You will see unboxings of the book boxes I buy (I'm trying to venture into videos), candles and many other products that I have discovered and have come to love recently.

I plan on keeping at least two bookish reviews a week and one or two memes as well.  I am trying to make sure that I joining tours and releases as well.  This is something I had avoided for awhile but only because I didn't want the time constraint.  Now, I feel like I need that discipline and commitment.  I will also occasionally post about what I plan on doing, or just thoughts on blogging.  I don't ever want to complain to your guys because you have been amazing and stuck with me over the years, I do however, want to keep you informed.  I want to remain open and discuss things with you.  This is what I miss the most about blogging, is talking to everyone.  There is also the intention of organising my Indie Girl event this year.  It's a lot of work but is also something that completely inspires me, because indie authors inspire me endlessly.  

At first I thought that maybe this would be taking the easy way out but when it comes down to it, it isn't.  This is my way of working on ensuring I no longer experience a burn out of any kind (or at least avoiding it the best that I can).  It's also my way of starting to incorporate social media once again.  I have found without all of my original contact and time that social media requires and I know well that social media is needed to promote anything now a days.  I'm going to start making my way back onto twitter as well but I find it gives me anxiety most days lol.  However, I hope to make a little bit of time each day to try and make an effort at least!

Hope you have all had an amazing New Year and I'm looking forward to this year with all of you!! If you are on Instagram you can follow me at @tiff_holme (clicking my name will take you right there), and make sure you comment with your Insta name if I don't already follow you!  Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on the changes I'm going to make!!

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  1. I took a break in December as well because I know bloggers tend to take it easy around the holidays. But I'm back at it now and very hopeful that I don't fall into a rut again (reading, or otherwise).

    Happy New Year, Tiff!


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