Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Compulsion by Kymberlee Burkes-Miller

Goodreads  :                                                                              After Lilyann Moon's grandmother dies under suspicious circumstance,she and her eleven young family members are thrown into the world of witchcraft and the paranormal. A world they know nothing about, and need to learn fast! Lily's the most powerful witch in over five centuries, but she's untrained and uninitiated. Now the vampires have found out that the Moon line didn't end with her grandmother and they're coming to claim their prize, Her Blood! The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason, but is she in love with the enemy. She's in a race against time to save her coven! Will Lily survive with her heart and neck intact? 

  Lily looses her grandmother and if being devastated or ripped apart by her death isn't enough she is pulled into a world of supernatural.  The world that she had no idea existed of witches and vampires and has to figure out and FAST.  She has a hard time believing it at first but wouldn't any normal human being?! However normal is something that she is not so she believes a little faster and adjust even faster.  The biggest problem she has is keeping it from her boyfriend Mason (even if he knows more than she does and hides more than that) and getting her siblings and cousins to believe her, without thinking she has gone nuts!  With such a close knit family it doesn't take long to bring everyone together and have them believing now they just need to figure out how to become what they are supposed to be.  Lucky enough their grandmother left them each with a note that helps them with where they fit and who they are to be.  They all need to learn their powers, work together and deal with Lily's adoration of Mason while they are at it.
  As a main character Lily does not disappoint.  She truly is everything that you look for: determined, strong and loving.  When she first finds out what her true destiny is she is not very confident but who would be right off the hop not knowing the extent of the power they hold and having to worry about protecting a very large family! Determination fixes that soon enough and you can't help but love her extreme need to protect her family, which includes Mason.  That is probably my favorite and her most admirable trait.  The amount of love she has for her family and friends.  Kymberlee makes this point very apparent and you know exactly how Lily feels about everything that happens.

   Mason.... He enters the book as somewhat of a god in Lily's eyes and lives up to those standards quite well.  Everyone loves him, that means an entire family not just friends approve.  It doesn't matter how many ways I try to picture him it is always his eyes that stand out in my mind and Lily seems to love them as well.  They do symbolize something for him though and it is a very important something.  It's what gives him away to Lily when she first realizes that he has not been very honest with her.  To be honest that is what drives me nuts about him. He is not forth coming with information no matter how petty it is or even if it is important to Lily.  That is about his only fault and all things considered it's not that big of a deal.
  I would love to write about each member of the family, mostly siblings and cousins but there is so many that it is just not possible.  Knowing that you are going to have to believe that I would if I thought anyone would make it through the entire review.  Each member of this family including lily's best friend Cam are amazing and engaging characters.  The physical description doesn't always rock but who they are stands out and you know who is who.  Once again I love how close they are and they love that you feel coming from them.  Without it they wouldn't be as strong or nearly strong enough to face what they have to deal with.

  I have to mention Dax and Victor.  Though you will not see much of them, they play our villains role in this novel.  Being the vamps that plan on taking the Moon Coven down and in Dax's case taking Lily for himself.  Did I mention they were a certain someones brother?!  That being said this book wouldn't be the same without them.  The Moon's have to learn their inner power for a reason right?

  Now I will mention I did have one very small issue.  I found that certain parts of the book would just jump right into another place and time (not like back in time but ahead) out of nowhere.  This left me with a couple of confused moments but it took nothing to figure out what had happened and get back to quickly finishing this book.

  Overall this was a quick and compelling read.  It was a fun and easy read with all the most important things: romance, action and the paranormal.  I would recommend this to anyone that has a love for the paranormal.



  1. I love it!! Thank you Tiffany for this amazing review!!! Kymberlee xoxo

    1. I am glad you liked it! I posted on Goodreads for you too :)

  2. I haven't heard of this before it sounds pretty neat though I'm not a fan of that cover! I love the sounds of Lily though she seems like my kind of protagonist for sure! Great review Tiffany! :)

  3. Not the best of covers but the synopsis is intriguing. And it sounds like it turned out to be a good story! Magic and witches and vamps!


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