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Review: Reveal (Cryptid Tales) by Brina Courtney

Reveal  by Brina Courtney
Published: December 16th 2011
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High school senior Shay Tafford leads a less than normal life. Hiding her ability to speak to ghosts from her family and friends is one thing, but discovering there’s a beautiful boy named Hugh who has the same gift is an entirely different problem; especially when she’s been crushing on him for weeks. Since her life’s not already chaotic enough, her only confidante- a boy ghost- has disappeared as thoroughly as her father did twelve years ago. With Hugh’s help, Shay must find the answers she needs in order to save the people she loves from disappearing- forever.

  I really don’t know how to do this book justice in a review. Brina Courtney blew me away with how original and captivating this book was. I can honestly say that I have never read anything like it and not only is it the first 5 star book I read this year but it is also my first re-read of the year!! I guess you want to know more about it…
  Leading lady Shay is really the type of girl I like to read about. I LOVE that she was not whiney and that she adapted so easily. Shay realized at the age of 6 that not only could she see ghosts but she could talk to them too. She quickly realized that this was not something that you can openly share (without someone believing that you aren’t right). However she deals with this really well as far as I can see. Before she even knows what she truly is she is helping ghosts to the best of her ability.
  Enter Hugh… I would be lying to you if I said that I was immediately was drawn to him as a swoon worthy boy. He was described first by Olivia (Shay’s best friend) as tall, dark and handsome, however I had a hard time picturing him. He’s a college boy that she sees at the college coffee shop where Shay’s mom works. Once they actually meet the sparks fly and she finds out who/what she is. A Cryptid. Through a not so well thought out plan (well that’s how I seen it) Hugh and his family help her find out what she is really capable of doing. Let me say what they can do is super cool!! I won’t tell you as to not ruin an awesome part of the book but I was excited to find out so many great things they can do. That is besides the fact that most of them can either see, speak to or touch ghosts. Shay is kind of an anomaly in the fact that she can do it all!!
  How could I not mention Jeremy yet?! He is Shay’s first ghost and died at the age of 6. You don’t see much of him but he is an important part of the book. He introduces and stresses the fact that the thing to worry about is The Darkness. Although you don’t really hear much throughout the book about it TRUST ME The Darkness= not good. When it comes down to it though I guess it is what helps Shay truly grow and realize exactly what it is that she and Hugh are meant to do.
  The love story behind the real story was not over done either. I am not big on the entire “I say you are my soul mate so there for you are,” but this was different. Shay and Hugh just seem right. There is the initial awkwardness for Shay and it wasn’t just something she knew was going to work. However once they do slip into the boyfriend/girlfriend roles it felt like it was right and not forced or too easy.

This book is truly a must for everyone!! Brina really brings all of her characters to life and you can’t help but be pulled into their world. Even if you aren’t normally a fan of ghosts or anything ghost this book will change your mind!!

Five Stars all the way!!


  1. Wow, awesome! makes me want to read this book seriously! Great review!!

  2. Great review Tiff! Yay for your first review post :D Can't wait to see what you'll review next :)

    Chapter by Chapter

  3. So honored to be your first review! I love how much you love REVEAL, I hope you love CAPTURE just as much!

  4. I can not wait for CAPTURE!!! As soon as I can get my hands on it I will be reading it!!! Thank you for providing this copy for me:)

  5. I have this book on my Kindle. That cover? It is freakin fantastic. And the book sounds really good. I loved your review, and it makes me so excited to start reading this book.


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