Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trivia Tuesday!


Welcome to my first ever TRIVIA TUESDAY!!! 

This is something new to me and I hope the blogging world!  What I am going to do is pick
some of my favorite quotes from books (I will give you a list of the books) and all you have
to do is guess who said it and out of what book!!

In Honor of Valentine's Day I am going to use quotes strictly from some of my favorite
book BOYS...  Oh and because this is a first and I want you all to not only have fun
but be motivated to spread the word there will be a giveaway to go with this!! I was thinking
it will be INTERNATIONAL as long as the Book Depo. ships to you!!

So here we go.... These are the books featured this week:

Iron Queen: Julie Kagawa and Conflicted: Julia Crane

Remembrance: Michelle Madow & Tangled Tides: Karen A. Hooper

The Boys Are:

Drew- Remembrance
Treygan- Tangled Tides
Ash- Iron Queen
Rourk- Conflicted

And your quotes are:

1. "Do you believe we have the ability to change destiny?"
2. "Well you don't have to worry.  I will always make your safety my number one priority"
3. "My gods, is this the kind of cheesy stuff couples say to each other?'
4. "I just hate thinking I could loose you all over again."
5. "I am your chosen. I am supposed to give you this ring on your birthday."
6. "You are my heart, my life, me entire existence."
7. "She loved me (---Name not mentioned) even the evil, scary parts of me.  I want that back. Is that so greedy?'
8. "But it's you I love not her.  You believe me right? Always and forever"
9. "If I have to chase your soul to the ends of eternity, I wont stop until I find you, I promise."

Easy peasy right?  The rules are simple:
1. You must be a follower.  GFC or Linky (please leave name and way you follow)
2. Each quote needs a person and a book attached to it
3. Answers must be left in the comment section
3. HAVE FUN!!!

That's it :) You don't have to do them all but guess anyway(you never know you might be right).  I will also award an extra point for each time you tweet(Once daily).  I will not have an already made tweet it's up to you to be original.  Please us my twitter name @Tiff_Mahaffy and the hashtag #triviatuesday1 so that I can find it to give you credit. Comment back here each day with your tweet link.  The prize to the winner is $10 CAN. to the Book Depo.  If my followers jump by next week I might do $15... What do you think?
This will run from today Feb. 14 until Feb. 21 when the next Trivia Tuesday goes up. 

Please be honest and don't use other peoples answers.  Let me now what you think of Trivia Tuesday.  Would you like to see more of it?


I need at least 10 people to enter in order to run this contest.  Sorry
about any inconvenience


  1. What a fun idea! I can guess 2 correctly but I won't because that wouldn't be fair. lol. Happy Valentine's Day!


    1. There was so many things I wanted to quote him on but they would have had to have been A LOT longer lol

  2. 1- treygan- tangled tides (guessing)
    2- rourk, conflicted
    3- treygan- tangled tides
    4- drew, remembrance
    5- rourk, conflicted
    6- ash, iron queen
    7- drew, rememberance (guessed)
    8- drew, remembrance
    9- ash, iron queen


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