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**REVIEW** Destined by Ali Cross

Choosing is a bad idea, because Desi always makes the wrong one, and sometimes there are no do-overs. Certainly not this time, when all has been lost and Desi can’t even save herself, let alone her friends. For Desi, the hardest thing is letting someone help her, to accept their sacrifice on her behalf. But that’s exactly what she’ll have to do in order to save the worlds from Helena’s destruction.
The goddess of Helheimer, long imprisoned by Desi’s father, Loki, is free at last, and she’s bent on reclaiming what once was hers. The nine worlds will be drawn into war, over Hell, over Earth, with innocent humans meaningless collateral. While Michael and the Gardians of Asgard, along with the golden-armored Valkyrie lead the battle for freedom, it’s Desi who holds the destiny of all the worlds in her hands.
Can she set aside her doubts, once and for all, and claim the gifts that are hers to bear? Can she accept the sacrifice that is made for her and Become all that she was created to be?
Her final choice will define not only her future, but the fate of humankind, forever more.

  Expected Release: December 12, 2012
Published by: Novel Ninjutsu


  For the love of all things Ali PICK THIS BOOK UP!  If you haven't started this series yet I don't know what you are waiting for.  Though I have enjoyed Ali's writing and her characters immensely, I loved this one with every bit of my being.  I know that sounds a little strong but you know what I felt so many emotions while reading this one that I really don't know where to start.  As a reader you know that every book is good or bad for it's own reasons.  I love this one for the fact that it made me feel so much and it gave you a little bit of everyone as you read.  This series has so much to give but I feel that this particular book gave the most.

  We pick up with Desi still lost, Micheal is fighting to find her and well James and Miri are together away from it all but their thoughts are still with Desi.  Things are going on and it is clear that soon there will be more than just a battle to find Desi but maybe a battle for the Earth as we know it.  The story kind of revolves around saving Desi and everything that it takes to save the world.  Not just this one but basically all nine.  Desi has to learn to accept and embrace all that she is in order to do this and lets face it she has had her doubts in the past.  Luckily all of her friends have enough faith in her and love her enough to help show her the way.

  My love for Desi has only grown with each book.  Though at times her self doubt and lack of belief in self worth were enough to make me scream, I love her all the same.  She has come such a long way since Become and I can't even describe the love I had for her by the end.  All of the doubt, belief, hate and love turned her into someone/something amazing.  To say that she grew as a character would be an understatement.  Desi evolved, became more than just a character that you want to read.  She became someone that you could adore and feel for.  It was like at every turn she either made me smile, worry or pulled at my heart.  There are no real words to describe what Desi became or how she got there.  The journey that led her there was not easy or smooth but a test at every single turn.

  There was also much more of James in this book.  I will confess that I have always had a soft spot for him.  Even in the start when he was destructive and playing against the good in people I kind of loved him.  My love was not misplaced and I lay claim to this awesome YA guy.  MINE!!  James has become the good bad guy.  The best of both worlds really and as much as I like to think it is all because of my undying love for him, I know it is Miri that truly caused this change.  Though you don't see much of Miri in this book her presence is almost constant when it comes to James.  Even if that just means she is in his thoughts.  Miri though not there in body is there in spirit.  That girl is loved by everyone that knows her and as much as I love James he is lucky to be loved by Miri. 

  I would like to say that the romance resides between Michael and Desi but really there is so much more romance in this one.  However because I don't want to destroy it I'm just going to talk about Michael and Desi.  Really their relationship is a big pillar in this series.  These two have fought for each other for so long, longer than Desi knew for awhile.  Their love isn't always easy and frequently one or the other feels unworthy but the biggest thing is that they always fight for each other.  This couple is completely and utterly devoted to each other.  There is room to love others but ultimately it is their love that will do great things.  Even when the end was knocking both for Desi and Michael and both for different reasons they thought of each other.  Desi and Michael could be one of those epic couples like Romeo and Juliet but without the confusion and killing themselves part.

  Destined also had the perfect finish.  I loved that Ali took her time with it.  Often I find that the end is abrupt and I feel like I have missed something or there  is supposed to be more and there isn't.  This ending however didn't leave any loose ends to me.  Everything was tied up and left open where needed.  By left open I mean that it's not all clean cut, I find when it is too perfect it also doesn't feel right.  Everyone that is left seems to have a place and a purpose now.  You also get a much better look into the origin of Loki and Desolation.  I almost forgot to mention that.  Not that I ever felt I didn't know enough but there were things I learned that I didn't even know I was missing.

  There are many twists and surprises in this book.  I mean even I that has read every book was surprised and shocked almost 3 times in the first 9%.  The little extras that were put in place from things I had read all along blew my mind!!   Knowing that this is the last of the Desolation series does sadden me to a point but it also gives me something to look forward to: whatever Ali pumps out next.  As a writer she continues to grow and I will follow her work as long as she continues to write.  This series is not perfect for everyone but let me tell you there can't be many out there that wouldn't enjoy it!  I will confidently say that you should give this series a chance.  The books get better as they go and Destined being the final book really closes it all with a bang!!

I was ill-prepared for this fight-she wore armor while I wore a kilt, a tunic, my sword.  And then I thought, I have my sword.  What need have I more?

And I understood.  Helonius has been his brother, his companion through what might have been centuries, eons even.  And Helena had treated his life as though it meant nothing.

"Well, you can touch me."  She looked at me with that infuriating blend of cute and sexy that drove me wild.  Except right then it only pissed me off.

I scream, stumbling backward and falling on my butt because I trip over myself.  Nice.  At least I didn't wet my pants- a distinct possibility given how scared I am.

That's a laugh.  Because I know exactly who I am-that's the problem.  I'm the girl who nothing works out for.  I always screw everything up.  What's the point of being who I am if I never get it right?


  1. :( I haven't read any of Ali's books. Shame.

  2. Great review! Can't wait to read it:)

  3. Well, I am going to start this series ASAP then. I actually have the first one, I just haven't read it yet. Time to start, I reckon. Fantastic review. And fantastic cover, too!

  4. Sometimes I love having a terrible memory because I'm constantly reading plot synopses and reviews for sequels by accident. I like that mythology is a new trend, and I haven't tried any Norse-based YA so I'll have to be sure to read this series.

  5. I love hearing about new series. This sounds like a fantastic read. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  6. Haven't picked this series up before, but I think I may have to after seeing how much you liked the last book! That second quote makes me curious too! ;)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Great review! I guess I'll have to pick up this series soon:) thanks for your thoughts and enthusiasm!

  8. This isn't the type of book that I would typically read, but it does sound really good! I will have to give it a try!


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