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{Tour Stop} Alchemist Academy: Elemental Explosions by Kailin Gow

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A new student has entered The Alchemists Academy, and he brings with him an explosive power that threatens the Academy and the legend of Merlin. Wirt thought he was the only bad boy at the Academy, but he was wrong. Not only is Roland Black worse than Wirt, but a new teacher had replaced one of their beloved teachers, and she has more planned for Wirt and his friends than just lesson plans. Alana, his crush has grown prettier, and now he is rivals for her attention with not only his best friend Spencer, but newcomer Roland, as well. On top of that, it is their second year, and the year where all the students must pass a test to move on to the Elite Class at the Academy. The Elite Class is the only class in the third year at the Academy, and the students who fail will be sent home, others will face something even deadlier.

Release Date: January 7, 2011
Published by: The Edge Books
Review Copy: Kindle
(copy was provided by author for the tour)


  This series is probably one of my favourites besides The Fire Wars of course. It has great characters and focuses on more than a complicated romance.  This being the second book in the series made me realize that more that Kailin has put her focus on the characters and making sure they are developed.  This is new for me in Kailin's books.  I am used to the action, the romance and the kick butt characters but they normally develop through a few books.  Sometimes people have issues with this but honestly I love it as her books are always quick to read and fun!  With this one the romance is kind of taken away and the main character Wirt is developed more.  Different but as always I enjoyed it.

  Wirt is now in his second year at the Alchemists Academy but things are changing.  His roommate and best friend has moved for a private room and he now has a new roommate.  One that he doesn't trust, even though he would like to.  Alana and Spencer are on the outs but Wirt still wont make a move but that leaves her wide open for the new guy.  Oh and there is the little thing that he keeps dreaming that he is Merlin and speaking to King Arthur.  With everything that is going on and the fact that he may not be around next year if he doesn't make the final cut for the fourteen students that are hand picked for third year, Wirt has a lot to think about.

  I have to admit that Wirt is developing nicely.  He is still learning the extent of his power and I am happy to say it's not like he is a natural at everything and anything.  He has to work to figure everything out and find out exactly what he is capable of.  The only thing that really picks at me with him is that he isn't open.  There are some things that he just keeps to himself because he doesn't want to upset someone else, where he should be letting the others know before it becomes a problem.  Rather than that I can't complain much because his character is determined and didn't gain too much too fast.

  The secondary characters were kind of thrown around in my feelings toward them this time.  Alana pissed me off.  She is still strong and determined but she is blind to almost everything outside of her lessons.  Her and Spencer and the drama that they created was tolerable but I just couldn't believe how much she changed from one book to another.  I continue to feel for Spencer and his life that seems driven by his father and just hope that he begins to stand up for what he wants.  The Princess is still a laugh.  Not like a joke but the girl is so flighty that she reminds me of me on certain days.  The poor girl just doesn't get it but I think there are certain things that she sees that the others don't.  The mixed cast in this book creates a mixed feeling, which I think is good.  I mean it makes me feel something different for everyone isn't that what's important.

  The world that this is set in still blows me away.  It kind of reminds me of a Harry Potter type thing but different in many ways.  I love that there are so many types of magic and people brought together for the sole reason of learning what their magical talent is.  Sure they can do more than one kind but everyone seems to excel at one thing or another.  Totally helps that Wirt isn't one of those characters that is good at everything but only at somethings.

  This is yet another fast paced and quick read from Kailin Gow.  I know you guys hear that a lot from me as I am a huge fan and read basically anything of hers that I can get my hands on but it's true.  I love her novels for the fact that they are good and you can read them in one sitting.  Most of the time I don't want to put them down.  This series has shaped up and surprised me many times.  Honestly I didn't expect to like it as much as I do and when it comes to Kailin Gow that is saying a lot but I honestly believe that there are many people out there that would enjoy this series more than some of her others.  Big thing is that there is no love triangle to be seen and the magical elements are fun.  NOw all I have to do is try and get these in print and the third book!!

"Bother me?  You almost killed us both!" "Almost doesn't count." Ms. Burns pulled herself from the large pool, her clothes drying instantly as she did it.  "Besides, I knew you'd save us, so it wasn't a particular worry."

"Elite class?"  Spencer looked at Wirt like Wirt had just admitted that no, he didn't know that the world was round.

Not that Wirt imagined the little creature would want to hurt him deliberately, but the small dragons seemed not to understand that humans weren't as durable as they were.

Wirt had subconsciously put Ms. Burns into the tiny category of the schools "good" teachers, where "good" mostly meant that they weren't inclined to try killing their student, and didn't actively promote the virtues of being a power hungry evil wizard the way the headmaster did. 


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  1. I think this is definitely the series that I should start with when I start checking out the authors books finally. It seems to be the most well liked of them all.


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