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**REVIEW** Through Indigo's Eyes by Tara Taylor & Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Through Indigo's EyesMore than anything else, Indigo Russell longs to fit in. And if she can’t accomplish that, then she’ll settle for fading into the background, which she’s managed to do rather well over the last couple of years. To most of Ridgemont High, she’s just another teenager walking the halls, doodling in her notebook during class, never raising her hand. An average student. That’s what she’d like you to think. But Indie isn’t average; she’s different. She has visions, visions that allow her to see into the future and back again. Only her family and best friend, Lacey, know about them. But when she sees Lacey’s boyfriend with another girl, Indie has to decide whether to trust her instincts or her friends. As she grows closer with John, an enigmatic loner who recently transferred to her school, the visions intensify, threatening not only to alter the lives of others, but also to expose her well-kept secret.
Release Date: August 1, 2012
Published By:  Hay House Visions
Reviewed Format:  Paperback, 288 pages



  I seriously adore this book!  When I requested it and got approved I basically did an uncontrollable happy dance.  May be a bit extreme for a book that I hadn't read yet but did you read that description?! I have to admit that the plot wasn't super fast but it more than made up for it with interesting characters and a story that you just wont forget!  

  The fact that the book starts with Indigo going into one of her "trances," is a good glimpse into what the book will be like.  The shut down is what happens before she sees something.  Most people don't know this about her and just think she's a little off.  She does have a best friend and aspires to have a boyfriend and a "normal" life.  This is interrupted by a horrid vision of her bff's boyfriend with another girl.    Doesn't seem like that big of deal but when you're a teen and believe that the boy is your world, that little bit can blow everything up.  Add a guy that seems to bring the vision out in her and the story blows up.  

  Indigo was  such an easy character to love.  I think that there was a little something in her that everyone could either relate to or simply feel for.  She was your typical teen (minus the vision and seeing dead people).  She wanted to have a boyfriend, hang out with her best friend and get away when she graduated.  She wasn't a complete outcast but it's not like she was miss popular either.  I think the fact that she wasn't perfect and all the basic struggles that she had that made her a little more appealing, a little more easy to relate to.   The things that made her more realistic and even more vivid was her mistakes.  Her needs and wants were always quite in the right priority order but she figured it out as she went.  She gained many things but had to loose some to realize what she had really gained.

  Her best friend drove me nuts at times and her other friends were okay when they were around.  The problem with all of them was that they just let Indigo drift in and out.  I enjoyed that they were so accepting of her and her ways but in another sense I wanted them to straighten her out.  Being high school though I do understand that sometimes it just happens.  Lacey though was a little less forgivable for me.  She was part of the learning process but for her to just forget Indigo because of what she told her made my jaw drop.  Especially since she was made out to be such a supporter of what Indigo could do.

  There is so much growing up in this one.  I mean the lessons, the living, the learning.  There were times that the decisions that were being made just drove me but they were ones that many of us make.  What is being a teen without learning the hard way?  John was one of these things.  He absolutely drove me through the roof.  I had a few WTF moments and a few where I thought "where do you get off?"  Once I learned to breath through it and remember that it is the spectrum of characters that gave this story more depth I calmed a bit.  John did come with a lesson though and not an easy one but in the end I really think that he was needed more than I realized and I can appreciate that.

  My excitement for this one paid off.  Though I wasn't really sure what to expect I can tell you I did get more than I figured I would.   The writing was wonderful and the pacing kept me interested the entire book.  This is one of the one sitting type reads for me! I look forward to learning more about Indigo's powers in the next book and seeing more of everyone now that things have started to settle.  Though I am sure new things will come up.  I would seriously recommend picking up a copy of this book!! It is totally and completely worth it!   

"Shut up!" I had the mean female inner voice that talked to me all  the time.  And then I had this soothing man's voice that also came to me.  They were totally opposite and made me think I was going crazy.

I eyed her.  She had that compassionate look in her eyes that said, "I'm sorry I birthed an abnormal child, and I sense something disturbing has just happened to you, so I'm saying something nice to distract you and make you feel good about yourself." 

He shoved his hands in his pockets.   "That's kind of funny, because to me you are like a butterfly, light and free to fly in the summer sun from bush to bush. I'd think you would like the sun."


  1. I'm the most impatient reader so a slow moving plot is a killer for me. But I'm glad you enjoyed this, Tiff - considering how much you wanted it. :) Fab review!

  2. If only the locket weren't all blinged out, this cover would be AMAZING. I do really love it though. I am very much looking forward to this book. It sounds so very stinkin great! And, you know, Ridgemont High? Who can pass up another Ridgemont High!

  3. Love the quotes and of course your review. Good to know there's some growing up in the book, I hate it when teens act crazy stupid LOL


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