Thursday, May 9, 2013

{Interview & Giveaway} Brenda Pandos

I have loved this series since the start of Everblue and despite my heistation about the end I am dying for Everlost!! Thanks for stopping in to meet Brenda Pandos


1.  You have created such a vivid and imaginative world for your story, where did the 
inspiration come from?

I’d have to say my active imagination. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been lost in a fantasy world. From sewing mermaids tails to swim in the pool, making corn stalks teepees, a homemade balance beam (when Nadia won the gold), neighborhood plays, covered wagon rides, a roller rink in the garage, making hoop skirts from wire, twine and old sheets, forts and playing spy, I had a very creative and active childhood. As an adult 
(since this kind of play isn’t socially acceptable) my inspiration grows from other 
people’s worlds in movies, books, drawings, photos, and then there’s always God’s 
canvas of gorgeous places, too.

2.  How do you think you would do living in Natatoria?

It would be claustrophobic for me. I, like Tatiana and Fin, crave the wind, the sun, and 
the outdoors. Though the piped in sunlight would help and water to a mer is like oxygen, 
old habits die hard. I’d only stay as long as the gate out was nearby and available so I 
could visit land whenever I wanted. 

3.  You are leaving the house in a hurry. What is the first thing you grab as you run out 
the door? 

Are my kids with me? lol. Oh, you said “thing.” Then I’d take my cell phone.

**lol always check for my girl child have yet to forget her but with a goldfish memory...

4.  Now that we know what you would grab in a hurry, if you had to pack for a trip not 
knowing when you were to come back name the most important 5 things you pack.

My laptop, my current writing journal, my fav soy vanilla coffee creamer, stevia, and I 
can’t go without my husband. Okay, and my kids, too. 

5.  What one of your characters do you think you could be close friends with.

Samantha from my Talisman series, because she’s most like my best friend.

6.  The most exciting moment of being an author so far.

There’s been so many, but I’m still blown away when I get letters from people all 
over the world who have fallen in love with my characters and can’t wait for the next 

7.  First word that comes to mind...

Next… time to get moving on the next book.

Wife, Mother, Author, Computer Whisperer, Web/graphic designer,Chocolate connoisseur,Sister, Daughter, Aunt,Friend, Fun & Games Coordinator, Saved by Grace, Geek, Housekeeper, Laundress, Cook (occasionally), Chauffeur, Gardener, Nurse, and much more... not in that order.

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Brenda has been kind enough to donate a signed copy of one of her Mer Tales books to one lucky winner!  So you can choose between: Everblue, Evergreen & Everlost!!


  1. I feel the same about living in Natatoria. As beautiful as it may be to live underwater, I would crave the wind and sun. I would also miss seeing the sky. Thank you to you both for the great interview & Giveaway!

  2. Great interview! All good books start with imagination, mine do for sure. I want to live underwater with mermaids. <3 Thanks for the amazing giveaway too. :)

  3. That's awesome that you have such a great imagination. See, that's why I am a reader and not a writer - my imagination is in no way creative, but through books I can be!

  4. That is great that fans are excited about the next book! It must be the biggest compliment! Excited to read this! Thanks!


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