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Downdrift by Sutton Shields (Review)

YA, Fantasy, Mermaids
Publication Date:August 12, 2015
Published By:  Author
WebsiteSutton Shields Website

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Two Waves Remain...

Marina Valentine is one future time-traveling trip away from putting the final trident in King Zale’s reign. The future, however, has a dire message for the Savior: She is one decision away from costing everyone everything.

Marina doesn’t want the burden of some unknown decision, nor does she want to learn of yet another sneaky trick by King Zale. All she wants to do is focus on her trip with Troy to retrieve the last soul stealing stone—a trip that will not only take them to wondrous, mysterious places, but will bring them closer than she ever dreamed possible.

Unfortunately for Marina Valentine, burdens and Zale tricks are part of the job description.

Only this time, the burden has never been heavier and the trick has never been more destructive.

  Though I kept my eyes on the road, I was very aware of Troy's eyes on me.  I'd bet anything he bore that smile I loved so much.  He probably had his sexy eyes flicked to the 'on' position as well.
  My God, this was a nightmare, one no amount of pinching would wake me from.  We had been changed back into our mer-selves, and I managed to land fin-down.  That should have been comforting.  It wasn't.
Polly bounced off the walls, knocking guards off their feet and rendering them unconcious, as if they were nothing more than scarecrows.  It was quite a sight, like seeing your grandmother go from knitting in her rocking chair to butt-kicking bad guys, midair.
  Elaborate oak panelling, extraordinarily detailed balustrades, and cherub fixtures were only made more spectacular by the natural   well, weather mermaid-created    light beaming through a remarkable wrought iron glass dome ceiling.  

  It is no secret that I adore Miss Shields writing.  Her writing is teeming with character, her characters are vivid and her books nothing short of wonderful.  This is a writer that put a bit of herself not only into the book itself, but each character that she has created.  Though I know this is something that most do, Shields does it with such passion that I can't help but be captivated every single time I open one of her books.  

  What always blows my mind is Shields ability to craft these worlds.  Every place is spectacular and vivid, giving the reader a clear picture of each magical place.  When I think that there is no way that Shields could add another place without over doing it or not giving a clear enough picture, I am proved wrong.  Downdrift took a lot of time developing the story further but it didn't skimp out on the action or progression.  There was a reason behind every voyage and every twist, and though my heart broke a little and I internally scream for being a fool and not seeing everything earlier, fact of the matter is that it was all worth it.  The only thing I could have wished for when it came down to it was that we got a little more of the other characters.  This one was largely (not completely but Largely) about the development of Marina and Troy's relationship (that is beyond the bigger point of, you know getting the final tools to basically save the world).  Beyond that (and that took a lot of thought to pick out), the pacing and plot were perfect! 

  Marina never gets a second to just be a teenager.  Her life has been a series of ups and downs right from the start of Finned.  At this point I just have to applaud her for not going insane from all of the downs.  Though she has never been a normal teen, life since she was banished has just gotten harder and harder.  This being said, Marina does well with the mounding challenges that face her.  Time after time new things are thrown at her and she does her best to conquer each thing.  The beauty of Marina though is that she is not perfect but she will not give up, and no matter how many times she finds out she is more powerful than she could have ever imagined she doesn't pretend that she really has a clue as to what she is doing.  She has gotten stronger and much more self assured, but she is still the same imperfectly, perfect character that I cannot get enough of.

  As always, I love the supporting cast that Shields created.  The entire gang is unique and continues to grow right along with Marina, and yet they bring the same entertainment each time the grace the pages.  It's seriously mind blowing that there are so many characters and yet I never feel overwhelmed, nor do I ever forget who someone is.  This is a special talent I think, because honestly I love every single part of every character.  Okay, so I am not a fan of the Mer Bitch but I can appreciate how well her and her story is written.  Beyond this there is basically a character for every taste that a reader may have.  Personally I love the contrasting Polly and Airianna more and more. Airi is basically everything good.  She is the sweetest and I adore her.  While I adore Polly because she does not hold back.  Maybe it her demons, but honestly she is just plain ol' quirky and I would attempt to hug her(even though it would probably end up in an injury).  I wish I could spend time and talk about each character but you probably wouldn't finish this review.

  What else could I say to entice you all to not only start this series, but pick them each up until you reach this point.  OH, maybe the fact that no matter how many times you think you have everything figured out... YOU DON'T!! Shields never hesitates to throw you off of her trail and possibly even break you heart a little.  No character is ever safe, and though there has been minimal loss, there is no shortage of twists and turns.  These are books that I have no problem devouring, and openly recommend them to any person that enjoys a great read with amazing characters.  

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