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Neverland Evermore by Sarah J. Pepper (Review)

YA, Twisted Tale, Retelling
Publication Date:May 27, 2016
Published By: Createspace
Series: Never Ever #1
Review copy:Purchased (ebook)
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Neverland has a way of breaking people. It corrupts souls. It destroys hope. The evil festering inside it brings out the darkness in our hearts and leaves us worse than dead. No good has ever come from it. Ever.

It is where I was born.

Therefore, darkness is all I know. Corruption is in my bones. So when I see him, I mean to win his heart and then break him. I mean to lure him to my arms and then destroy him. But it is his intentions and his wicked smile that deter me…at least until a lost soul from my past catches up with us.

My world ignites into flames. My love’s sinks to the depths of the sea. We are from two different worlds that overlap for a brief moment in time. But it is that moment which carries me forward. It is that moment in which he lives in the past. It is that moment in which I embrace my true nature and seek vengeance against those responsible for feeding his hand to that godforsaken crocodile.

Another gunshot went off as I plummeted into the angry water below.  My first mate stumbled away.  The last thing I saw before the waves crashed over me was her eloquent face.  The last thing I heard was my name on her lips.

  Her love was the last thing I fely before being pulled down into Davy Jones' Locker.
  I jumped at the sound of James' pocket watch as it marked the final hour of another day.  The clicks of the watch became louder with each passing second, a cruel reminder that I lived...and he didn't.

  Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
  "Mermaid tears do incredible things, and I've watched children join the stars," she cooed.  Remorse carried in the tone of her voice.  "But I have never heard a man give warning of a place called Neverland, because there is no escaping that hell."
"You don't understand what you are asking, Captain.  Neverland has a way of breaking people.  It corrupts souls.  It destroys hope.  The evil festering inside it brings out the darkness in our hearts and leaves us worse than dead.  Criminals, traitors, and the truly evil beings are attracted to it.  No good has ever come from it, no matter how much treasure is buried on the island." 

 Twisted tales seem to be really picking up in popularity and I'm loving it.  Plain and simply put I enjoy the chance to pick up so many different takes on tales that I have known and loved.  Peter Pan I'm finding has so much potential to be twisted.  Pepper shows off her talents by not only twisting it but putting Miss Bell and Captain James in the spot light.  Nothing about this read was what I expected, yet everything was better than I could have ever wanted.

  Because this is such a quick read, it jumps right into the thick of things.  It then proceeds to be told from Miss Bell in the present day and Captain James from earlier that year.  Though it may sound like it comes out confusing, it is as clear as a bell.  Pepper flawlessly sews the two together and creates a symmetry between the two that made for a smooth read.  Along with this was the many unique twists put in place throughout the book.  Each step forward or glimpse into the past and how the pair discovered what they have and what they have to lose, consumed me.  Their darkness is their light and this fuels so many events.

  What I love most, is how Miss Bell and Captain James are crafted.  There is a pull between the two characters that is undeniable, but more importantly they work.  Bell is not the sweet little fairy that we see in the Disney version, nor is she like any version I have read before.  Her role in Neverland, her relationship with Peter and everyone was not expected.  I also loved the unique way Bell's 'green' was twisted into her being, into her character.  This also leads the way into how the ticking on the pocket watch connected her to Captain.  I loved this truly unique twist.  LOVED!  As for the Captain, he had his own remarkable charm and this book is not the end for him.  I want to go into more detail but honestly I think you should discover him all for yourself!

  This read was beyond addicting and hinted at so much more to come.  Sarah J. Pepper has easily slipped into my heart, as a must read author when it comes to twisted tales and retellings.  This book was beyond addictive and I seriously am already itching to pick up the next book.  If you're a fan of twisted tales you will not want to miss the chance to pick up this beauty.  It is a perfect example of the inside matching the beauty of the cover.  I cannot adequately voice how amazing this book was, how remarkably unique this book was right from the start.   Basically what I am saying is judge a book by its cover and pick this baby up!!

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