Friday, November 9, 2012

CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY: Blogoversay Edition!!

WELCOME!!  Thanks for stopping by to visit this weeks CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY!! This is my way of sharing all of the awesome contests going on in the blogging community that I have seen/entered.  I am always on the lookout for a good contest/giveaway and new blogs to follow!! 

This week I have 3 blogs that are EPIC & are celebrating!! So like all of us
book lovers when we celebrate it normally involves BOOKS!  Um.. YAY *throws confetti*
I know I feature these guys often but what can you do when they are full of awesome?

Chapter by Chapter 
FOLLOW these ladies!!  Seriously because if you are not you are missing out!
Missing out on epic reviews, fun posts and two of the sweetest bloggers that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting and chatting with!! To celebrate their Blogoversay they are having SEVERAL AMAZING giveaways (some previously mentioned).  Click the button below to go and enter to win book pack and epic prizes all around! 
I have it linked up to week #5 but there is still chances at weeks 2-4 as well! 

Sparkles & Lightning
I seriously do not know how this girl does it!!  She has a constant (almost) stream of amazing giveaways and goodness going on!! I am almost always floored by how much there is going on.  Her reviews are thorough and give you deep insight into what you are getting yourself into.  I love her buttons and the beautiful roses that are around when you look at her blog!! Like Chapter by Chapter this is not a single giveaway celebration!!!!  Annabelle is celebrating with multiple giveaways.  Can you say YAY!!!!!!!  Anyway click the button below and be taken once again to giveaway #5.  Not that I favor it because they are all amazing but because this is where I am currently entering! 
See what I mean about the beautiful buttons?!

Book Mark Belles
Okay so this isn't a blogoversay but it is a birthday celebration with books which is totally close enough right?  Book Mark Belles is a blog that I regularly visit but am horrible about commenting on!! You know the blog that you read most posts but are rushed away to another not long after?  However these girls are wonderful and run a totally note worthyblog that I hope you will follow and enjoy just like I do!! They are giving away $20 CAN to the Book Depo... Need I say more?!
How cute is the button?!  I love the colours :D

Well this is it for the week guys!!! I wish you luck and post any giveaways that you know of below.  Small, BIG whatever we all love the chance to win :D  GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. I LOVE ANNABELLE!!! She is fantastic :D I love talking to her on Twitter. And her blogoversary posts are pretty rockin :)
    The other two, I will check out! Great post!


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