Friday, November 16, 2012

Shelf Envy with Joy!!

Hi!! I can not even tell you how freaking excited I am to be doing this meme!! Like happy dance, fan girl squee's and with pictures of shelves I may only ever dream about...  Well lets just say ecstatic does not cover it!!  I would
be lying if I said I didn't also mention to Joy SEVERAL times how much I would LOVE to do her blog meme with her!! 

  What books do you tend to buy more than others? 
  I’ve been a YA addict for at least four years now so my collection is pretty much dominated by those. Lately, I’ve been buying “age-appropriate” books just because I’ve started to get tired of reading the same old stuff. Also, since the inception of a new Adult blog (J & J Read Smut), I’ve started to accumulate Erotica my Kindle and some paperback copies. 

Is there anything in particular that makes you go for a book? Or is it all just what the moment dictates to you? 

I have a list. I kid you not. I have a spreadsheet. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether the book is a suckfest. My obsession with buying books does not discriminate. I buy them all. Sigh. 

Shelf organization: Have it? Want it? Need it? and if you could do anything with your shelves for organization what would you do?
None. It’s the basic, READ, TO BE READ, WILL NOT TOUCH WITH A TEN FOOT POLE SHELF. I do want a system – preferably, by author’s name. But Tiff, I live in a houseful of books. I have a total of three libraries. Yes, libraries. I’m not talking shelves, I’m talking rows of shelves. I have no time to organize my books, simply because I’ll never be able to read them all if I let my OC tendencies rule my life – compound that with my ADD, ADHD, or whatever short term interest disorders are there, then there’s no freaking way I’ll be able to do much reading. The end result is an organization system that doesn’t make any sense. It’s all random – organized chaos.
(I would just like to put it out there that I did offer my organization
services and still do!  Even more so after seeing your shelves *sigh*)

 Most recent favourite purchase? Favourite purchase ever? 
Pfft. You know Melina Marchetta is my literary goddess. Any books of hers is a favourite purchase. But the best one I’ve ever bought is her Finnikin of the Rock. It’s the non-fantasy FANTASY, epic romance, epic story of the human condition. I’ve read that book at least half a dozen times and every time I pick it up, I cry harder where I’m supposed to cry, I laugh harder where I’m supposed to laugh. She writes from her soul and her characters show it. Seriously, woman. 
(*Note* Will pick up as soon as evil month known as "December" stops 
killing me)

 Describe in 10 words or less what looking at your shelves makes you feel. Damn. I read a lot of books. 

Do you have a spot that you horde your favourites? 
Yes. Living room bookshelves houses most of my read books. I have Melina, Cassandra, JR Ward, the writing duo of M Stohl and K Garcia all together in one shelf. Can you believe that my classics collection is in my musty basement? I mean, I betcha Jane Austen and the Bronte clan are plotting my demise. I realize that it’s a sacrilege, but I don’t want to display those books upstairs where people can see them. They’d think I’m showing off or something...Lol!

Do you remember when your book hoarding started? Do you ever worry 
about your shelves? 
So Stephenie Meyer introduced me to YA with her Twilight books (2008). After that, I couldn’t get enough. And then I found Hunger Games – at that time, Mockingjay was still a work in progress. I didn’t know what to do for the time being. I went to the bookstore and found The Mortal Instruments. I haven’t looked back since. Every Tuesday, they see me at Chapters by my work. Every Sunday, they see me at Indigo across town from where I live. Do I ever worry about my shelves? Not really. I worry about the floor joists in my bedroom. I’ve managed to move some of the books out but I just know it won’t be long until they’re full again.

I would now like to take a moment to let you know that Joy is my Book Hoarding idol!  Yup, she is awesome like that and totally deserves her own little group of dedicated stalkers followers.  I am already a dedicated member :D Have been for almost a year now I do believe! Proud of it too!  So you can follow her on her Blog, Twitter & Facebook!!
Oh and if you head over there today, she's featuring me as well!!


  1. Thanks for having me, Tiff. :) Love your shelves as well.

  2. <3 Joy and her book hoarding tendencies! :D

  3. I love your shelves! There's a lot of books but it looks like they all have a place on the shelf. I'm constantly trying to organize mine.

  4. wow heh it looks very well organized. I love the set up, mine are just piling on top of each other till i can get a new one :(

  5. Total shelf envy. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that has a list that gets referred to often, a book buying habit and a YA addiction!

  6. Those shelves are gorgeous! I literally have one bookshelf right now (which is about to crumble under all the weight) and my books are scattered acrossed my room in piles and it is starting to get hard to walk around. My closet no longer houses my clothes but my books and my husband is starting to get a little ticked that he cannot move in his own room Oh well I told him to build me bookshelves (this was 3 years ago btw) and he still hasn't done that. So for now they will live in my as I like to call is organized chaos until he finally builds me my shelves. I am glad I am not the only one who has a hoarding habit when it comes to books! Great feature :)


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