Tuesday, August 20, 2013

**REVIEW** For Always by Danielle Sibarium

  You never really get over your first love. Such is the case for fourteen-year-old Stephanie Barrano, self-proclaimed misfit and death magnet. A freshman in high school, Stephanie is befriended by Jordan Brewer, a hot, in-demand senior, who pulls her from the outer circle of obscurity into the realm of acceptance. Jordan quickly works his way into Stephanie’s heart. He’s her everything. And the only person she trusts with the truth about her father’s death. But he won’t act on the strong feelings he has for her. Stephanie vows to wait for him, knowing in time she’ll win his heart.

Two months before her eighteenth birthday, Jordan serves as an impromptu prom date. After sharing a magical evening, Jordan leaves Stephanie with the promise of a future together. Then tragedy strikes. Jordan not only shuts Stephanie out, he also blames her for what happened. Feeling broken and beaten, will she try one last time to get through to Jordan or will she lose him forever?
Release Date: October 27, 2011
Published By:  Author
Review Copy: ebook, 280


  Sometimes the heart wants what it wants and there is no denying it.  For Always threw me seriously for a loop.  I was prepared for Sibarium's beautiful writing and a story that was going to pull at my heart but what I wasn't prepared for was the sheer force and power behind the story.  In a book world that so often has insta love without the back up this read put up a fight and knocked it opponents right off of their feet.  With a story that is undeniable heart pulling and a darkness that holds beauty this read had my heart breaking and expanding.

  Such a hard thing to describe the beauty of this story without destroying it or making it less than what it is.  Stephanie is basically the girl that fades into the background, the shadow of her popular best friend and a self proclaimed death trap.  She lives her life believing that whoever she loves, she kills.  When she enters high school as a 14 year old girl she didn't expect to fall in love but 18 year old Jordan breaks down all expectations.  I thought from there it was going to be easy but it wasn't.  Filled with complications and roadblocks the story kept up an aching and consistent pace.

  There is a fine line between true love and obsession and I was sure at times that Stephanie was walking that line.  Let me explain before you get worried because really it is love and I was nothing short of impressed with her confidence and determination that her and Jordan would end up together but I did worry for her.  The worry was simply because of the feeling I got from Jordan and his back and forth feelings.  Personally I think most girls Stephanie's age would have given up but maybe 

that's why I ended up liking her so much, simply because she believed in her heart.  Not only does she believe in her heart but it grows with the years as they pass.

  I really wanted to love Jordan but at the same time I really wanted to smack him...HARD!  I understood the practicality of what he was saying when she was 14 and he was 18 but there was a time I just wanted him to stop.  There was a feeling of pushing and pulling that confused me at times and made my heart break for Stephanie.  To a point you could always tell that he cared for her but it was more of a "does he love her as a friend or more?"  When push came to shove he was there but I think because I wanted to see these two together it was hard to watch.

  Looking back I see that all those challenges between the characters and ups and downs are what made the relationship real.  This wasn't two characters that had no clue who the other was yet loved them anyway, this was two people that grew together.  Though there was times I grew frustrated with the two, there is no doubt in my mind I loved their story and it proved that the things that are really worth while in life are worth not only waiting for but fighting for.  Sibarium has won me over all over again with her gorgeous writing and heart breaking story.  Pick this one up if you want something that will pull at your heart and is well developed.

  This time he made a conscious decision to put it there.  Something about this small gesture made me feel pretty and frilly, and lighter than air.  I couldn't wipe the wide, clownfish grin off my face.

  I turned my back on him.  I hoped the literal action would support the figurative one.  I knew I had to break away from him.  I had to put aside the dream with the enchanted ending, the white horse and stone castle, and live in the real world.

  I expected a waterfall of tears.  Instead, a sad sense of calm came over me.  I felt peaceful, like I was back on track.  I did the right thing, difficult as it was.  With my new found serenity I clutched the phone, closed my eyes, and once again drifted off into slumber.


  1. Oh,boy, this book sounds so good! Just the summary alone says it all. And I really enjoyed the way you reviewed this. It was as if I could really see the characters as they were. Unrequited love sucks and I think that's what appeals to me about this story. I'm going to put this on my TBR list. Thanks so much for this great review and thanks for sharing. :)

  2. This sounds like a lovely, albeit frustrating read. Adding it to my pile.

    Great review, Tiff.

  3. This sounds like a cute story!

    Sometimes something "simple" is a nice change from all the fantasy and paranormal stories.


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