Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Report: Stress and Books

So some of you may be wondering about that title up there at the top...  Stress...  Books...  How in the world are those two things related?  Well as it turns out I have a problem: I buy books when I am stressed.  Yup, not a good thing when you are waiting on results for schooling and renovating your house.  Not that I go to Chapters and go all out that it way too expensive.  Heck is too expensive (I like better but can only purchase from there when I visit Evie) but turns out there is another outlet: Used Book Stores.  Yes these stores enable me to purchase instead of window shop or internet surf.  So when I set off in Toronto a few weeks back to do yet another used book store hop I got many used treasures but heck why stop there?  I went out last week with my friend Kristie *friendsies* and before picking up my daughter in Hamilton stopped by a store called the Book Depot...  Turns out it is the place books go for clearance!  Once again STRESS OUTLET!   So now that you know my "problem" and how this mass of books came to be (please remember this is 3 weeks and only about $70 worth of my hoarded cash) here is what I got:


From my Toronto trip (basically BMV stores)

  Yup my used book store break showed my weakness NO MERCY!! To be honest this was me restraining myself...  I kind of told myself that this was my own birthday present to me...then the belkow happened.

From Book Depot in St. Catherines:

  Seriously who could resist any of those?!  When I seen Elemental I was ALL OVER IT!!  Why you may ask?  Well Evie (the super amazing blogger that did my EPIC new blog design) LOVED it and well I have wanted to love it but it kept on getting pushed to the back of the to buy pile until I seen it for $4.99!! SERIOUSLY!!!   Not that I wasn't excited about the others but that was my gem <3


  So, although my haul for the past 3 weeks mostly consists of purchases (maybe the lack of me requesting review copies cause the surge in purchases) but I WON something seriously awesome too!! Julia Crane was doing a Utopya giveaway blitz type thing and I won a prize!! Not only was I fangirling over Julia Crane but the pack is AMAZING!! Julia's Coexist series is amazing and she also sent me Rourke to review, which made me cry but she did redeem herself...mostly.  Anyway here is that prize:

Okay so that is... For now... I hope...  Oh and I thought that I might show you guys my overflowing swag box.  I was thinking if enough of you were interested in I would do a Swag giveaway... What do you think?  Any takers?  There is signed, not signed buttons and bookmarks.  The only thing I don't have in there is magnets...  I am also a book magnet hoarder :)  Working on covering my fridge!!!  So ya know where to send your extras if you have them <3 

 Thanks guys for stopping by!!  Leave a link to your post and I will get by 
as soon as I can!!! <3 <3


  1. Holy crap, Tiff. You went nuts! Lol. I get you, though. I'm the same. I haven't read Elemental yet but might want to yank it out of my massive tbr pile.

    EPIC, Tiff. EPIC haul.

  2. Awesome book haul! I'll check out the Book Depot, it sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Sapphire Blue! I literally just finished Ruby Red and ordered Sapphire Blue.

  4. Congrats on the cool win. I hope you enjoy Croak. I LOVED that book. I cannot wait until Rogue comes out.
    Happy reading,
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  5. haha, you made out!

    I'm going home next weekend and I've got some birthday money and GCs for the bookstore, so I'm ready to do some damage :)

  6. Awesome haul, Tiff! These books look so good. I've heard great thing about Croak!! Hope you enjoy! And congrats on the winnnnn :)


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