Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Report: A Non-Bookish Christmas and a Bookish New Year!

Weekly Report is my way of showing you from week to week (most of the time) what new books I received and what has gone on in the past week. So basically it's a report for all the awesome that I got and shared! Originally I posted IMM by Story Siren this is just my version with a little extra ;) all book names take you to the Goodreads page.

  So I hope everyone had a great holiday!! Mine was crazy busy with a side of insane!!! However, this year was also the first year that I did not receive bookish gifts... *GASP* Shocked the heck right out of me too!! Now that did not stop my bookish purchases :)  So between used book stores and Chapters in store specials I had an AMAZING bookish New Year!! Below is my proof :)


From a used book store in Port Perry that I have not been to in forever because it seemed that there
was never anything new that I wanted.  When I walked by this time I decided to take a chance and I
think I did well considering these were all together under $20!!!

Then on to BMV!! I freaking love BMV and try to make a point of stopping at, at least one every
time I am in Toronto <3  These were all $4.99...  Can you say you would pass that up?

Same day as BMV hubby took me to Chapters.  Below are all my $4.99 purchases again! Well 
Dead Silence was like 13-something but rather than that ya...  And I can only hope you can 
understand why I HAD TO buy them!

For Review
I am not sure how many of you know the awesome Mer Author Sutton Shields but I think
more of you need to!! This woman and her characters rock my socks off <3  She is one of
the sweetest people I sweat and her personality is freaking EPIC!! Anyway is was happy dance
happy when this baby showed up <3 <3

Thank you to Kailin Gow for these babies!  Hopefully I will be reviewing them 
soon :)

Savor Me by Kailin Gow
Never Ending by Kailin Gow
Consume Me by Kailin Gow

Well these are all my beauties from the past couple of weeks :)  What did you get over the holidays?
Did you have a bookish holiday or New Year?


  1. Great haul, Tiff. Love clearance sales! Enjoy :)

  2. I'm kind of glad the holidays are over. I had to work throughout them and when half the staff takes off for the holidays and the other half is given permission to leave 2 hrs early (during a VERY busy time), let's just say I was very stressed out. I didn't get any books for the holidays either so you're not alone. I didn't really buy any either though. LoL
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  3. Fade was good, I loved that trilogy. I also have Cryers Cross but I haven't read it yet. Enjoy! :)

    My IMM


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