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Weekly Report: Awesome Purchases & Awesome Publishers

Weekly Report is my way of showing you from week to week (most of the time) what new books I received and what has gone on in the past week. So basically it's a report for all the awesome that I got and shared! Originally I posted IMM by Story Siren this is just my version with a little extra ;) all book names take you to the Goodreads page.


  So I did say last week that I had purchased more books for the signing and the 3 books by the wonderful Leigh Bardugo.  The Paperback on the top is now signed to Evie as well as a copy of S&S!  I have read The Water Wars and a review is coming soon and I am really looking forward to You Against Me (they were both bargain books!!).
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For Review

  From Simon & Schuster for review I got these two NA books!!  I am quickly becoming addicted to NA and am loving that S&S is picking more of it up!  THANK YOU S&S I am starting these next week!!

Thank you to HBG Canada for sending this one to me!  

 photo 003-2.jpg
The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

Thank you to Raincoast for this pretty!!  I am so looking forward to this read! 
 photo 002-1.jpg
Tidal by Amanda Hocking


The Rules of You and Me by Shana Norris
Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

Paradox by A.J. Paquette

Well that's it for me.  What did you get this week?  Link me up so I 
can stop by and check it out.

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~~~TOUR SIGN UPS~~~ The Wild Wood by Julie Anne Nelson

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  In the town of Dunlowe, being different can be deadly. No one knows this better than the seven girls born on the exact same day, at the exact same time. From birth, they've been feared, judged, and controlled. And yet, still loved by their families. Still hoping for a future. Still believing that acceptance would one day come. As their seventeenth birthday approaches, events occur that leave Cecily Daye and the other girls grasping with the possibility that their oppressors might have been right about them all along. Maybe they are as evil as the town has believed. But without an answer, they must make a choice when the town turns on them: to die or to run to the one place no person would follow—they must enter The Wild Wood.

Release Date: June 29th 2012
Published by Young Mountain Publishing

  I am the author of young adult novels, whose first two novels, The Wild Wood and The Downs are available on Amazon. The third book in the Sevens series, The Barren Way, will be available on May 17, 2013.
  While according to Neil Diamond "used to be's don't count anymore," I am most proud of the fact that I used to be a middle school history teacher. And it is from the six years I spent teaching young adults that my passion for writing for them was born.

Tour Details

  I stated talking with Julie back in March and was blown away by her debut novel:  The Wild Wood (you can see my review HERE).  So after chatting and me being addicted to her books we started discussing promoting her book.  Julie is very invested in her writing and I was interested in getting more people to see the beauty in her books so here we are!! 

  Julie is more than happy to provide people with physical copies but if the demand is high we may have to send out some e-copies.  The minimum amount of followers I request you have is 100.  The tour will be September 2-13, Monday-Friday.  I am aiming at 1-3 stops a day.  Just fill out the form below and thanks for signing up!! 

**Sign ups will be open until July 12 & I will contact you by the 14 if you are selected.

Friday, June 28, 2013

**REVIEW** The Pirate's Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

After setting out to break the curse that binds them together, the pirate Ananna and the assassin Naji find themselves stranded on an enchanted island in the north with nothing but a sword, their wits, and the secret to breaking the curse: complete three impossible tasks. With the help of their friend Marjani and a rather unusual ally, Ananna and Naji make their way south again, seeking what seems to be beyond their reach.

Unfortunately, Naji has enemies from the shadowy world known as the Mists, and Ananna must still face the repercussions of going up against the Pirate Confederation. Together, Naji and Ananna must break the curse, escape their enemies — and come to terms with their growing romantic attraction.

Release Date:  June 18, 2012
Published By:  Strange Chemistry
Review Copy: ARC, mobi.
Buy It:


  The first novel The Assassin's Curse completely pulled me in last year and ended up being one of my favorite reads.  Basically what I am telling you is that I could not wait for the release of this book!  When I was approved for it I was beside myself with excitement and started reading it the next day and I was not disappointed.  The Pirate's Curse is every bit the original, gripping read that The Assassin's Curse was and possibly even better.

  Creative worlds are not always easy to come by but with these novels they just keep on adding up. Most books balance themselves out with two and possibly three different worlds, where Clarke has created an entire smorgasbord of unique worlds and places and maintained order.  This was above and beyond what I had expected as she had already wow'd me in the previous novel.  There is also  an introduction to a new character that I fell in love with but we will talk about her later on.

  Ananna is such a wonderful character and I only grew to love her more in this book, as the focus was more on her than in the last book.  By no means is she a perfect character but that is probably what makes her so appealing, the author has made her human and therefore relatable. There are so many ways to describe Ananna but the top three are: strong, stubborn and determined.  This girl knows how to handle herself but in doing so she often finds herself in trouble.  The only little thing that got to me in this one was that she cared a little too much about how things between her and Naji were going romantically.  It was easily overlooked though because as I said in her faults the author made her more human.  Every character has their weakness and this one was more than believable. 

  It only takes one character to really make a book and although I love Ananna and Naji, I think this book belonged equally to the Manticore.  For those of you that don't know what a Manticore is, it's a legendary creature with the body of a lion and a human head, that also has a tail that produces poisonous spikes that kill and lastly wings!  I will admit to having a hard time picturing her to start because I wanted to picture a hideous beast but as I read I found myself picturing something that may not be beautiful but not hideous.  The Manticore's relationships with everyone but Ananna were somewhat rocky but the way she behaved and the things she said frequently had me laughing. 

   Action, adventure and new problems frequently pop up in this one but I think what stood out was the romance.  Admittedly it is far from a traditional romance the moments that were shared between Ananna and Naji were perfect.  That doesn't mean that they were together or that every time they touched there was sparks, no it just means the tension and the attraction was right for the book.  What made it even better was that there wasn't your traditional Happily Ever After at the end.  Though some may not appreciate that I did because nothing about the books was conventional so why should the end be?

  I would never deny that I will miss these characters, the worlds and the adventures of this duology but I was happy with how it all came to an end.  Will I wonder what transpires after the end?  Absolutely.  But isn't that how we know we have connected and enjoyed a read, when we can be happy yet picture a possible future?  For a person that is picky when it comes to high fantasy books, this one has made me more open minded and brought the chance for others that they may not have gotten otherwise.  Seriously if you haven't picked up these books get on it!!! You will not regret it.

My hands kept crawling over his chest and shoulders, trying to memorize the lines of his body, and I was dizzy, but in a good way, the way you get when you swing through the ropes on a clear sunny day.  That was what kissing Naji was like: the best day at sea, warm sunlight and cool breeze.  Happiness.

We sat in silence for a long time, the wind whistling around us.

I could hardly stand it.  Everything up here in the rigging was bright-the white sails, the sunlight.  And then Kaji had to show up, a dark imperfection.
He just laughed, which pissed me off.  I wanted to shout something back to him, but he was talking to the serving girl again, leaning in close to her, and I figured he wasn't going to pay me no mind.
"It didn't strike you as weird they wouldn't tell you what's going on?" Naji glanced at me.  "It's a little strange," he said. "But not nearly as strange as a talking shark." I sighed.

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{BLOG TOUR} **REVIEW** A Matter of Days by Amber Kizer

On Day 56 of the pandemic called BluStar, sixteen-year-old Nadia's mother dies, leaving her responsible for her younger brother Rabbit. They secretly received antivirus vaccines from their uncle, but most people weren't as lucky. Their deceased father taught them to adapt and survive whatever comes their way. That's their plan as they trek from Seattle to their grandfather's survivalist compound in West Virginia. Using practical survival techniques, they make their way through a world of death and destruction until they encounter an injured dog; Zack, a street kid from Los Angeles; and other survivors who are seldom what they seem. Illness, infections, fatigue, and meager supplies have become a way of life. Still, it will be worth it once they arrive at the designated place on the map they have memorized. But what if no one is there to meet them?

Release Date:  June 11, 2013
Published By:  Delacorte Press
Review Copy:  ARC
*Provided by publisher for tour


  There is so much that I loved about this one.  Kizer has a wonderful writing style that has me hopelessly addicted!  There is no other way to describe this read than a wild adventurous ride.  How do you survive the virus that has wiped out 98% of the population?  The chapters done in days since Blue Star cleared the globe explain just how Nadia did just that.

  This was not a glorified apocalyptic novel but more of a stern reminder of what we could face someday.  Though you get a mix of details to start, it becomes clear fast enough just how sever the virus that took the world by surprise is.  Natalie and her little brother Rabbit have been left alone but with instructions from an Uncle on how to find safety.  Problem is it's across the country and the world is no longer safe.  During their journey you get a first hand glance at just how horrible things have become and the gory details of the dead that the virus left behind.  

  Natalie was a seriously admirable character.  Though she may not have been a kick ass type girl she knew how to survive.  There was a fierce fire that was in her heart and it kept alight for her brother.  Her focus on getting to safety and keeping her brother safe but there are many moments that I don't think she could have made it without Rabbit.  It didn't matter what the circumstance was she pushed on because when you are your only hope that is all there is to do.  This is not saying she didn't have the weak/human moments and who could blame her for having them.  This girl that had lost everything had times that she could see giving up and giving in, especially learning how some of the survivors were dealing with the new world.  Nadia was essentially a girl that would under any other circumstance been underwhelming but in her situation she was a star.

  Rabbit though young was a lot of help throughout the journey.  He had learned a lot of survival tips from their deceased military father and they constantly came in handy.  He could navigate a map (no GPS so this was awesome) and knew some basic survival tips.  He was still just a little boy on the inside though and therefore still had a little bit of innocence left in him.   Once again this was something wonderful Kizer did to create a realistic character.

  Something to appreciate is the romance or should I say lack of.  I kept on thinking that it was around the corner but it wasn't, well at least not one that took over the story.  Zach was a boy that Natalie and Rabbit happened to cross paths with and one of the best things that happened to them.  I was almost instantly drawn to him and was glad that he happened to show up.  He was the type of guy that you wouldn't have normally chatted with but you can't base people on their looks anymore, it's about what's on the inside.  Zach wears on Natalie and they may not form a physical relationship but they form something stronger and become able to trust each other.

  I will point out right now that this doesn't have your typical ending but Kizer's book was anything but typical.  The writing, the pacing and the world building were phenomenal and I can't stress that enough.  This was not a book filled with mutations, zombies or a government that has crumbled and been rebuilt in a communistic way, no it's about a much more realistic future where we have lost the war against a virus.  It is a chilling and terrifying reality that we could all face someday.  Pick this one up if you want something that is going to be an honest take on apocalyptic events and  that focuses on the survival instead of the romance.

I didn't spare my own room more than a glance as I slipped on my newest pair of sneakers.  I hadn't slept in here for days, weeks.  Homework was still piled on my desk, and there was a nasty mound of dirty clothes in the corner.  I wanted to lie down on my bed and never get back up.  Too tempting.

I glanced back at the Jeep and Rabbit motioned.  I knew he wanted me to open the door.  I swallowed, bent down, and found the key under the mat.  I said a quick prayer that zombies really didn't exist and turned the knob.

The weapon lay on the floor near his body.  None of the kids looked shot, just the adults.  And the dog.  Couldn't really blame them for choosing death over surviving if their kids all died.  If I didn't have Rab I wasn't sure I'd be making this trip.

"Does that scare you?" he asked, his eyes glued firmly on the book.  There was a time when, yes, I would have been scared out of my mind to sit this close to him.  "Not anymore.""But you wouldn't have talked to me before." Zack shrugged like he'd expected me to be that judgmental."Probably not.  But you wouldn't have talked to me either, either, would you?" I raised my eyebrows.

I felt the urgency drain out of my body like a receding tsunami.  All I wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep.  Fear of discovery and fear for the boys had me climbing back down to the sooner than I wanted.

Fun Fact About A Matter of Days

1) Amber always burns a special candle while writing—for DAYS it was Herbal Art’s “Dirt” flavor that smells just like warm earth. 

2) Amber also writes with a dedicated playlist for each book. On their trip from Seattle to West Virginia Nadia carries the MP3 player that belonged to their Dad. It’s busted and sandy from his deployment, but Zack is able to get it working. It’s filled with artists from the 80s and rock/pop anthems from the 70s-90s including songs from: Guns and Roses, Simple Minds, Cyndi Lauper, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Heart, Warren Zevon, Peter Gabriel and Bon Jovi. 

3) The parrot they meet likes to sing Madonna songs at inappropriate times. 

4) BluStar is one mutation away from the influenza that killed millions in the 1918 pandemic. The name BluStar comes from the telltale star-shaped blue bruises that cover victims’ bodies as the virus devours cells—the same bruises written about and photographed over the course of the 1918 pandemic.

5) If you look closely at the cover of A MATTER OF DAYS you can see the overlay of the 1918 influenza under a microscope. BluStar looks very similar. 

6) Amber loves books about viruses and survival—if you like A MATTER OF DAYS check out THE HOT ZONE (Preston), THE STAND (King), WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (Lundin), THE SURVIVORS CLUB (Sherwood), THE PLAGUE (Camus), THE GREAT INFLUENZA (Barry), BLINDNESS (Saramago).

7) Amber used Google Earth to take the real time, mile-by-mile trip Nadia and Rabbit make from Seattle to West Virginia.

8) Like Rabbit if you need fresh water follow grain eating birds like finches and pigeons—when they are flying low and straight, they are heading toward water.

9) Yes, you can pee on wounds to disinfect them—it’s not the preferred method and there are risks so use as a last resort.

10) Yes, most food is good to eat long after the expiration date or sell by date—if the can bulges or smells bad—don’t eat it.   

11) Everybody can think about survival and needs to—what if there’s an earthquake or a storm and you get stuck at school?  Stick a couple extra water bottles and energy bars on the bottom of your locker and forget about them…best case you’ll never need them…worst case you’ll have supplies. Think ahead and live adaptable! 

12) Find Amber at, on FB, follow her @WriteAmberKizer and email her 
your thoughts

About the Author

  Amber Kizer is not one of those authors who wrote complete books at the age of three and always knew she wanted to be a writer. When she faced a rare chronic pain disorder her freshman year of college, she knew she was going to have to learn to live outside the box. After one writing workshop, she fell in love with telling stores and she’s still going strong. Her characters tend to be opinionated, outspoken, and stubborn—she has no idea where that comes from.

  A food lover, she plans trips around menus, wishes cookbooks were scratch and sniff, and loves to make complicated recipes—especially desserts. When she’s not reading from a huge stack, she’s coaxing rose bushes to bloom, watching delightful teen angst on television, or quilting with more joy than skill. She takes her tea black, her custard frozen, and her men witty. She lives in the Seattle area with a menagerie of animals that seems ever changing.

  An avid learner, she focused on the writing craft and her unpublished works won awards from PNWA, San Diego RWA, and the Saskatchewan Romance Writers. Her first young adult series sold at auction to Delacorte Press with ONE BUTT CHEEK AT A TIME premiering, in hardcover October 9, 2007. The paperback will be released December 9, 2008
  The star of Amber’s series Gert Garibaldi has been called “honest, brash, and outspoken” and her books take on traditionally taboo subjects.
  The second in the series FROM BUTT TO BOOTY will be out December 9, 2008. Amber currently has three other books under discussion and looks forward to seeing them on bookshelves in the coming years.
  Comfortable in the classroom, with kids or adults, she regularly teaches workshops to all levels of writers. Find her on the web at or, watch a movie-style book preview at or listen to an audio excerpt at

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Waiting on Wednesday: One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine
 and spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. 

Livie has always been the stable one of the two Cleary sisters, handling her parents' tragic death and Kacey's self-destructive phase with strength and maturity. But underneath that exterior is a little girl hanging onto the last words her father ever spoke to her. “Make me proud,” he had said. She promised she would...and she’s done her best over the past seven years with every choice, with every word, with every action.

Livie walks into Princeton with a solid plan, and she’s dead set on delivering on it: Rock her classes, set herself up for medical school, and meet a good, respectable guy that she’s going to someday marry. What isn’t part of her plan are Jell-O shots, a lovable, party animal roommate she can’t say ‘no’ to, and Ashton, the gorgeous captain of the men’s rowing team. Definitely him. He’s an arrogant ass who makes Livie’s usually non-existent temper flare and everything she doesn’t want in a guy. Worse, he’s best friends and roommates with Connor, who happens to fits Livie’s criteria perfectly. So why does she keep thinking about Ashton?

As Livie finds herself facing mediocre grades, career aspirations she no longer thinks she can handle, and feelings for Ashton that she shouldn’t have, she’s forced to let go of her last promise to her father and, with it, the only identity that she knows.

Expected Release: January 14th 2014
Published by: Atria Books
Format: Paperback, 336 pages

Why I am Waiting

  1.   After reading Ten Tiny Breaths it became apparent that this book was going to be a must read.  
  2. I want to meet grown up Livie.  Yes she was always the more responsible one but it seems that she may just be finding out how to let loose in this one.
  3. I am hoping for an appearance from some of the characters that I fell in love with in TTB.  What can I say I am addicted to them.
  4. That cover is just GORGEOUS!! Who would not love that pretty?!
  5. Basically what I am saying is if you manage to get your hands on an ARC I LOVE YOU & you know sharing is caring right?! lol

What are you waiting on?! Leave a comment telling me or link me up!! 
If you don't blog still I would love to hear what you are excited about!!!!

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**REVIEW** The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die by April Henry

“Take her out back and finish her off.”

She doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know where she is, or why. All she knows when she comes to in a ransacked cabin is that there are two men arguing over whether or not to kill her.

And that she must run.

Release Date: June 11, 2013
Published By:  Henry Holt and Co.
Review Copy: ARC, 213 pages
**Provided by Raincoast
Buy It:


   I had never heard of April Henry before and I don't know how because this girl can write.  This was a nail biting page turning thriller that had me on the edge.  I was all but instantly pulled into the drama and intensity of this one.   You are never quite sure who you can trust and who will be the next one to deceive you.  It's extremely easy to get wrapped up in this one and to be honest I for once didn't think about the end game but lived in the moment right along with the people in the story.

  Despite having a kind of amnesia Cady was a strong character right from the get go.  This girl had taken a serious beating and yet she still manages to kick butt.  The best way to describe it would be she had a drive, a drive to find out who she was/is and why people are after her.  With Cady and her condition the best thing was that there was room for interpretation and wiggle room for the truth or at least the author gave you the feel of that from time to time.  Though she wasn't overly complex there wasn't anything unrealistic about her either.

  Ty was a debatable character for me to start.  For the life of me I couldn't figure out why a boy that was barely making it himself would take the risks he did.  I understood getting her out of the original situation but when it became dire and dangerous why not bail?  I mean he barely knew the girl.  This changed for me when he told Cady his story.  I think when you have to deal with a crappy situation and you recognize another person is in one you want to help and once you're in it that's that.  Ty was basically you sweet do good, feel good kind of guy.

  There wasn't much room in the plot for romance and the author didn't try and force it in there, which was a huge relief.  Once you get your hands on this one you will understand why.  Between the chance that Cady is crazy and the people that are chasing her kicking up dust and causing problems.  Sometimes the bad guys came off a little standard but they are bad guys and for whatever reason most of them follow the same jagged outline.  They did manage to create a few heart racing moments that had me holding my breath.

  The fact that is read this in a span of a couple hours because I was pulled into the simple, yet involved thrill of this one speaks volumes to me.  It was just what I needed and if you are looking for something mystery/thriller that is easy to get into and read, this is your book.  I personally enjoyed it and hope more people pick this one up to enjoy.

Is that who I am?  A crazy girl in a mental hospital?  So crazy that she killed a man and then made up a story for herself so she wouldn't have to think about the ugly reality?

I wanted so badly to be that girl again.  The girl I used to be.  The girl I don't remember. The girl who smiled and had something to celebrate.

I scream. "Ow!" Don't act. Be.  I take all the fear and pain I've felt in the last twenty-four hours and channel it until I can't tell where the past leaves off and now begins.  "Ow!" I stretch it out until its practically a yodel.

Monday, June 24, 2013

{BOOK BLITZ} The Rules of You and Me by Shana Norris

  Hannah Cohen has always lived her life by a set of carefully constructed rules to maintain the image of perfection. But now, the rules aren't helping control the chaos that is quickly taking over.

  Opting out of spending the summer in Paris with her mom, Hannah instead heads to the mountains of North Carolina to stay with her aunt. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a barrier between Hannah and the rest of the world, a safe haven where her secrets can be forgotten.

  When Hannah crosses paths with Jude Westmore, a guy who hangs a different shirt from the tree in his front yard every day, she finds herself breaking out of the comfort of her rules and doing things she had never dared before. As the summer passes, Hannah and Jude grow closer and make up their own rules for dealing with life.

  But when the secret Hannah has tried to forget is finally revealed, even the new rules can't save her from possibly losing everything--including Jude.

This young adult romance is a standalone companion novel to Shana Norris's The Boyfriend Thief.

Author: Shana Norris
Release date: June 17, 2013
Genre: Contemporary romance
Age Group: Young Adult
Event organized by: AToMR Tours
Buy It:


“Where is all your stuff?” I asked. My room was filled with awards and pictures. Evidence of the life I had led up until now.
“I threw out a lot of things in the days after Liam died,” Jude told me. “Nothing seemed important anymore.”
He pointed to the door across the hall, which was closed. “That’s Liam’s room. It’s just like he left it the last time he was here, a few weeks before he was deployed. It’s a disaster area.” Jude laughed. “Liam got that from my mom. They always told me I was the weird neat freak of the family.”
I slipped my arm around his waist, leaning my head against his shoulder. “Do you realize that’s the first thing you’ve told me that makes you different from your brother?”
Jude tensed against me for a moment, then relaxed. “I guess it is. I never could be as messy as he was. It drove me crazy. My cleaning drove him crazy too.”
“See? You’re really not your brother, Jude. You don’t have to live in his shadow or try to be like he was.”
He let out a long breath, like he was letting go of something he’d been holding onto for a long time. “I know.”
Jude’s arm slipped around me and he pulled me into him. I pressed my ear against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. His fingers trailed up and down my arms, making me shiver at the tingles his touch spread over my skin.
I let Jude ease me down onto the bed. He moved over me, his lips pressing into mine. I closed my eyes, blocking out all thoughts of his house and my mom and the rules. The Hannah I wanted to be could do anything she wanted, and this moment, all I wanted was to be here with Jude.
My fingers slipped under the edge of his T-shirt and Jude raised up enough to pull it over his head, tossing the shirt aside. His skin felt like fire under my touch. I had never been this close to anyone, not even with Zac. It excited and terrified me at the same time. I wrapped my arms tight around Jude’s neck, squeezing my eyes shut to keep out any unwanted thoughts.

About the Author

Most days, Shana Norris still feels like she's stuck at sixteen, which is probably why she enjoys writing about teens. She lives in a small town in eastern North Carolina with her husband and small zoo of pets, which currently includes two dogs, five cats, and five chickens.

Find Her

Up for grabs is 1 mobi. or epub copy of The Rules of You and Me

Thank you as always to AToMR Tours!

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Weekly Report: Piles of Books...

Weekly Report is my way of showing you from week to week (most of the time) what new books I received and what has gone on in the past week. So basically it's a report for all the awesome that I got and shared! Originally I posted IMM by Story Siren this is just my version with a little extra ;) all book names take you to the Goodreads page.


  So with the Fierce Reads signing coming I did some shopping!  This is half the batch and I will showcase the rest next week (I think there is more than enough books this week).  Beauty wasn't for the signing but I seriously could not resist!!

 photo 9e613b3f-6091-4af6-8532-e4949e2d6414.jpg


  For those of you that don't know I am now a contributor on the blog Bookish run by the beautiful Evie!!  So many of these books she gifted me will be reviewed over on that blog.  I assume most of you have already been there but if you haven't you NEED to!! Evie's blog is amazing and the new team she has (including me) rocks!! So proud to be a part of that blog.

 photo 006.jpg

Finished Copies


I was so pulled in by the description on these ones!  I mean just look them up and I am sure you will understand.  Thank you so much to Book Brats for hosting Michele Lang and the giveaway!!

 photo 005.jpg

  I won an ARC of Illuminate last year so when Justin from Justin's Book Blog hosted a giveaway for a signed finished copy of  Infatuate I was all over it!!  Not in the picture below is the super sweet card Aimee sent along with my prize :( I did find it after but let me tell you she is SO SWEET!


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~~Release Event~~ Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

I am SUPER excited to be a part of this release event!! J.A. Redmerski is an
AMAZINGLY talented woman and her writing is stunning.  So without further
ado here is her newest beauty!

  Sarai was only fourteen when her mother uprooted her to live in Mexico with a notorious drug lord. Over time she forgot what it was like to live a normal life, but she never let go of her hope to escape the compound where she has been held for the past nine years.
  Victor is a cold-blooded assassin who, like Sarai, has known only death and violence since he was a young boy. When Victor arrives at the compound to collect details and payment for a hit, Sarai sees him as her only opportunity for escape. But things don’t go as planned and instead of finding transport back to Tucson, she finds herself free from one dangerous man and caught in the clutches of another.
  While on the run, Victor strays from his primal nature as he succumbs to his conscience and resolves to help Sarai. As they grow closer, he finds himself willing to risk everything to keep her alive; even his relationship with his devoted brother and liaison, Niklas, who now like everyone else wants Sarai dead.
  As Victor and Sarai slowly build a trust, the differences between them seem to lessen, and an unlikely attraction intensifies. But Victor’s brutal skills and experience may not be enough in the end to save her, as the power she unknowingly holds over him may ultimately be what gets her killed.
This is their story…

Author: J.A. Redmerski
Release date: June 20, 2013
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Age Group : General adult 17 +
Event organized by: AToMR Tours
Buy It:

Guest Post


  • Victor Faust speaks seven languages fluently: German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian, Arabic and English
  • The book was partially inspired by my anger towards the movie Hitman when Agent 47 and Nika didn’t have a romantic relationship. I was so distraught over that! The woman and romance lover in me decided to take that secret love affair some of us have with deadly men and make it romantic.
  • The other part of my inspiration for writing KILLING SARAI came from the song Father Figure by George Michael.
  • While although Sarai didn’t get to finish school and had limited means of education while at the compound, she is very intelligent both book-wise and street-wise. And she is a fast learner.
  • Sarai has spit in Izel’s food so many times she lost count.
  • Victor and his younger brother, Niklas, are one in the same but entirely different. They are both fiercely loyal to each other and those they love and are both skilled killers, but Niklas is untamed and undisciplined, which creates a constant wedge between the two.
  • Victor has never been in love. Ever. Niklas, on the other hand, although he preaches to Victor about avoiding relationships and how falling in love will only get him killed, secretly loved a woman once.
  • The woman that Niklas once loved was secretly killed by none other than Victor.
  • Sarai pulled one of her own wisdom teeth out with a pair of pliers because she had no way of getting dental care while in Mexico. And even though Javier would’ve made sure she got the care, Sarai refused to tell him for fear of Izel finding out and trying to remove the tooth for her.
  • I molded Victor Faust’s character almost entirely from actor Michael Fassbender!

About the Author

J.A. Redmerski, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of THE EDGE OF NEVER lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas with her three children and a Maltese. She is a lover of television and books that push boundaries and is a huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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