Monday, January 16, 2017

Booksta Monday #2

Welcome to Booksta Monday #2!!  

  I really had no idea what I was going to talk to you about this week.  In fact, I'm realizing that it may be hard to come up with something every week.  That being said I will do what I can to make each week original but I'm still learning and just kind of taking you on the journey with me.  I have no problem repeating something because I've learned something new.  Heck, you might be able to tell me something new and that's awesome as well.  

  Moving on.  This week I decided I would talk picture angles.  I'm sure there are very technical terms and people that could describe these perfectly but as the new girl, I shall describe them as a new girl would.  I'm going to just break it into three.  There's variations like there is with anything else but using my own shots I can give you three separate ideas and as always please keep in mind Bookstagram is a place of creativity.  Me posting these picture angels in no way says these are the right ways or the best ways.  This is simply my way and giving you an idea.  The perfect way, is the way that makes you happy.

Flat Lay Shot

  For awhile now this has been my go to shot.  Why?  I honestly couldn't tell you beyond the fact that I find it super easy to lay out.  I also really like the fact that I can basically see exactly how each shot will turn out.  There's something simplistic and yet fun about flat lay shots, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to let it go.

Angled Shot

  This is probably my newest trial.  Angled shots...  Really, I'm probably the worst person in the world to ask about angle shots.  Thus far I am enjoying them and the depth that they give to a shot but you do need to pay a lot more attention to what you have in the shot, where it is and the space in which it's from everything.

Straight Shot

  When I started this was what I did.  I didn't do it quite as well as I do now but it was my go to shot.  It was also the area I started taking shot on.  I was new and worked with what I had.  I'm not using them to break up the monotony of my feed.  This being said there are people that leave me in awe and inspire me to do better when it come to shots like this.  Basically they are also quite frequently the ones that are supporting me and telling me that I can do it.  This is becoming my second favorite type of shot again.  Though my flat lays are pretty but these show off all kinds of different things I can't do with flats.  Like Funko's!

Well this concludes this weeks Booksta Monday! Next week I'm thinking I'll
give you a tour of my supplies and what I use for my set ups!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Booksta Monday!

Welcome to the first ever Booksta Monday! 

  So remember when I said that I would be bringing my Bookstagram (book themed Instagram) here?  Well, I've decided to create my own little theme day/meme for it.  Booksta Monday!  I will post here every week a select few shots I really loved that week.  I will also post either other accounts that I loved, some behind the scenes shots (my mess as I take pictures) or anything that really goes with it.

  This week I thought I would go with challenges.  Not things that are hard on Bookstagram, but monthly challenges that people put together with helpful prompts.  I have to say that this is the best way to get yourself out there as a new account.  It is far from mandatory but it helps get you out there, be a little more social.  Think of it as an instant message and the more you message and put yourself out there the more people will notice!  They each have their own hashtag making them unique and it gives people the ability to look up the tag and see who has posted what.

  This month a bunch of wonderful ladies (I'll be tagging them later on) and myself are hosting what we call #winterbookishcolor17!  It's kind of a barrage of different color combination prompts for books!  We're having so much fun hosting it and if you're a book lover it's a must join!! Below I'm posting the name and the color combo that each called for.  However, this isn't the only kind of challenge.  As I said they're diverse and there's a little bit of everything.  Below are four challenges that I am taking a part of this month (I actually have eight in total).  Two are color challenges but the others aren't.  They kind of make me think and remember books that either I want to reread or I want to read.  Kind of makes me feel accountable and guilty for my massive TBR pile.  Anyway, here's some sample challenges:

   Honestly, this is just a sample of what is out there.  There's so much more to explore and enjoy and these are really just a small start!! There's even challenges that hold giveaways!! Oh, yes.  Bookstagram has a little bit of everything for everyone.

  With #winterbookishcolor being the challenge that I'm helping host, I thought I would share my four favorite shots from this week.  

  What I love about color prompts is that there is so much room for creativity.  You can use naked books, dust jacket on, paperbacks.  Actually, who am I kidding you can do that for all challenges.  There really isn't a limit as to what you can post.  I take creative liberties all the time because that's what works for me and there is nothing wrong with that.

  Bookstagram challenges are really more than getting yourself out there, they're fun. I have had a blast since creating a challenge with such wonderful partners! If you have Instagram I highly recommend that you follow each of these ladies!  I'm going to share one of each of their color prompt photos from this week as well!  They're amazing co-hosts and I totally couldn't do it without them.  Not even for a minute!  As you can tell their accounts are also all beautifully different <3

  Tara (@spinatale) was one of the first new people that I connected with <3  She's a complete sweetheart and you should totally check her out!  She has the top left shot 😀

  Monique (@mo_the_bookish) was another of the very first ladies that I connected with.  She's beyond supportive and so much fun to talk with!  Mo is the top right shot 😀

  Tara (@tarasbookshelf) is such a sweetheart.  You will find a lot of positive people but Tara really stands out.  She always has a kind word and is willing to go out of her way to put a smile on your face! 😀

  Charli (@charli_the_book_princess) has a darker style to her shots that I really love.  She's fun to chat with and always doing fun shout outs 😀

  Next week we will talk props and diversity in pictures!!  If you have an Insta account that you'd like me to check out, drop me a link in the comments.  I will be featuring different accounts as I progress through this Monday event and I'm always happy to discover new accounts to obsess over ;)

Monday, January 2, 2017

December Haul & January Goals

  So I thought I might start out the month with sharing what I got last month.  Typically I will share this on the last day of the month but seeing we're off to a new start I thought I would share now.  That and now you have an idea of what you are in for.  It may seem chaotic but it's organized chaos in my head lol

  That Owl Crate box will be unboxed in a post at the end of this week!! I will be sharing everything I got in their own little pictures with my thoughts.  This book box is an honest to goodness addiction that you will see monthly.  When I acquire the funds to purchase other ones I'll share them as well.  Well, I may share a couple other ones that I have gotten in previous months but I don't know yet.  They would be helpful for people looking at other options?  I dunno...

   I'll list the books I got in December in a second, but I have a total confession first.  This is not everything that I got in December.  I have candles, bookmarks, mugs, totes and more to share with you.  However, I don't like to crowd my pictures and am happy to share these for now.

Bought (Gift Cards):


For Review:

  This is actual a decent haul for me.  I also have books that I ordered going on next months haul because they didn't quite make it here on time to be a part of this months.


  Below you will find my potential January TBR List.  I say potentail because I am beyond horrible at sticking to what I say I'm going to read.  I'm a mood reader and I blame that little fact for my inability to stick to it.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken
Asunder by Jodi Meadows
Infinite by Jodi Meadows

and last but not least

Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog

  This is still just tentative...  As I said, I have good intentions but I'm a mood reader so this could change.  I also want to read more than this, making this not everything anyway.  I know, I know, I'm so indecisive.

What did you get in December?  What are you planning to read in January?  I'd love to hear or if you have your own post link me up!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Plans, New Blog! Aka Lets Talk...

  Though I am thankful for my hiatus in December, I found myself thinking frequently of where I was going to go with blogging.  I had discussed blogger burn out and though the reality is real I hadn't considered many other factors.  As I pulled myself from my reading slump, I never considered the repercussions of reading and hitting a reviewing slump.  So, I reached out and looked for another outlet.  I returned to Instagram.  Now an huge outlet for book lovers, aka Bookstagram.  I mean I hit a bump here but still love being a part of this community and wasn't ready to throw in the towel.  So, for a few months I kept up on here and on Bookstagram.  Then I realized that I had slipped out of blogging and took my hiatus to be creative and think over the future of this blog.  I have struggled blogging on my own and keeping up with posting daily, feeling pressure from myself to do more, do better.  I tried doing three posts a week but, this didn't feel true to me either.  I love a full blog and need change.  So, I've thought a great deal about this and I hope that I will find support in my new decision and direction for this blog.  I've found a solution that I believe will allow the love I have for this blog, and the new creative love of Bookstagram to flow together.

As of now you will find that I wont just be posting reviews and memes.  I will also be posting about what I am doing on Bookstagram.  This means sharing some of my favorite shots lately, any tips that I have either figured out or been given and random stuff like that.  I will admit that I adore taking pictures of books and am super excited to start combining the loves of my bookish life.  If you wonder what these pictures will be like, the picture behind the graphic is one that I took.  You will notice the style is ever changing but that is the great thing about these pictures:  everything is always changing.  I will also be doing some bookish product reviews.  Some I will buy and some have been sent to me as part of being a rep for that company.  You will see unboxings of the book boxes I buy (I'm trying to venture into videos), candles and many other products that I have discovered and have come to love recently.

I plan on keeping at least two bookish reviews a week and one or two memes as well.  I am trying to make sure that I joining tours and releases as well.  This is something I had avoided for awhile but only because I didn't want the time constraint.  Now, I feel like I need that discipline and commitment.  I will also occasionally post about what I plan on doing, or just thoughts on blogging.  I don't ever want to complain to your guys because you have been amazing and stuck with me over the years, I do however, want to keep you informed.  I want to remain open and discuss things with you.  This is what I miss the most about blogging, is talking to everyone.  There is also the intention of organising my Indie Girl event this year.  It's a lot of work but is also something that completely inspires me, because indie authors inspire me endlessly.  

At first I thought that maybe this would be taking the easy way out but when it comes down to it, it isn't.  This is my way of working on ensuring I no longer experience a burn out of any kind (or at least avoiding it the best that I can).  It's also my way of starting to incorporate social media once again.  I have found without all of my original contact and time that social media requires and I know well that social media is needed to promote anything now a days.  I'm going to start making my way back onto twitter as well but I find it gives me anxiety most days lol.  However, I hope to make a little bit of time each day to try and make an effort at least!

Hope you have all had an amazing New Year and I'm looking forward to this year with all of you!! If you are on Instagram you can follow me at @tiff_holme (clicking my name will take you right there), and make sure you comment with your Insta name if I don't already follow you!  Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on the changes I'm going to make!!

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