About Me/Review Policy

About Me

 Welcome to Escaping... One Book @ a Time!  I'm Tiffany the owner of this blog, an avid reader and author supporter.  

  Beyond that I am a 30 year old mother of one book loving daughter, and a dog person.  I have been blogging since 2012, though I have taken time off and am ready now to get back to business!!  Beyond reading I love being outside, photography (I'm not very good but I'm working on it), attempting to be crafty and basically random things to vast to list.

What I Review

I am fairly flexible when it comes to reviews. I read mainly Young Adult but am diverse in genres.  I will admit that I do have preferred genres and they normally make top priority/am most likely to accept.  These include reads about:

Twisted Tales

This doesn't mean I don't accept other genres but more that these will be my top priority.  This being said I feel that I should mention I have a love for dystopia, fantasy and basically everything between.  I am a little picky when it comes to romance, but I am honest and wont agree if I don't think it will be beneficial for the author or myself.  I have a serious love for Indie Authors and try my best to ensure that I give as much support as possible to them (I try and host a yearly event dedicated to them!).  

What I don't read:
Religious Fiction


Book Request Information

When requesting a review, I like as much information as possible.  This means I would like to have the synopsis, the cover and links when considering a book.  Unfortunately if I have to go searching for information I normally don't accept the request, sorry.  

I am a physical copy girl.  Physical copy requests will get top priority, but I know that isn't always possible and also accept e-copies.  I have a kindle so I prefer .mobi but can also do pdf and word.  Reviews are put in order of when requested, but as stated physical copies may be made a higher priority.

When considering a request I like to know the timeline in which you are looking for the book to be reviewed in.  Normally, I do need 1-2 months notice but have been known on occasion to squeeze something in when it's an emergency.  

What I post:

  • Book cover and description (normally taken from Goodreads)
  • Buy links (Chapters, Amazon, B&N. Others may be requested)
  • Info on the book: release date, who published it, format that I reviewed
  • Add to Goodreads button
  • Book trailer: if it is possible
  • Review
  • Quotes that caught my attention throughout the novel.  Normally 3-5 favourites.
  • If requested or part of a tour I will include the authors picture and information.

  • Other Info:

    I don't normally rate things on my blog.  I try and let my reviews speak for themselves.  This being said when I post the reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Chapters and others upon request, I do rate them there.  I also try very hard not to agree to read anything I will not like.  That being said I will always contact the author before posting something less than 3*.  I will not rate above what I feel the book deserves but I will also not post a review that author or book bashes.  My reviews are based on what I did/didn't like but I always try to be fair about reviews.

    Contact Me

    Email: escaping.onebook@gmail.com
    Twitter: @Tiff_Holme
    Facbook: Escaping... One Book @ a Time 
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