Monday, January 2, 2017

December Haul & January Goals

  So I thought I might start out the month with sharing what I got last month.  Typically I will share this on the last day of the month but seeing we're off to a new start I thought I would share now.  That and now you have an idea of what you are in for.  It may seem chaotic but it's organized chaos in my head lol

  That Owl Crate box will be unboxed in a post at the end of this week!! I will be sharing everything I got in their own little pictures with my thoughts.  This book box is an honest to goodness addiction that you will see monthly.  When I acquire the funds to purchase other ones I'll share them as well.  Well, I may share a couple other ones that I have gotten in previous months but I don't know yet.  They would be helpful for people looking at other options?  I dunno...

   I'll list the books I got in December in a second, but I have a total confession first.  This is not everything that I got in December.  I have candles, bookmarks, mugs, totes and more to share with you.  However, I don't like to crowd my pictures and am happy to share these for now.

Bought (Gift Cards):


For Review:

  This is actual a decent haul for me.  I also have books that I ordered going on next months haul because they didn't quite make it here on time to be a part of this months.


  Below you will find my potential January TBR List.  I say potentail because I am beyond horrible at sticking to what I say I'm going to read.  I'm a mood reader and I blame that little fact for my inability to stick to it.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken
Asunder by Jodi Meadows
Infinite by Jodi Meadows

and last but not least

Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog

  This is still just tentative...  As I said, I have good intentions but I'm a mood reader so this could change.  I also want to read more than this, making this not everything anyway.  I know, I know, I'm so indecisive.

What did you get in December?  What are you planning to read in January?  I'd love to hear or if you have your own post link me up!!


  1. Love your photos! Nice list of books I still need to read the rest of Passenger

    1. I'm just going to finish up Windwitch and then that is my next read :) Thank you as well <3


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