Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Consumed by Julia Crane

Keegan has dealt with a lot over the last two years: Death, black magic and the loss of her bond to her chosen mate. But on her eighteenth birthday, the bond with Rourk returns.
Rourk longs to be by her side. Though he knows the distance between them causes Keegan physical pain, he wants to give her the time she needs.
Now, Keegan faces her hardest decision. Tradition requires elves marry at eighteen. If she accepts the path laid out for her, she will be spared a lifetime of physical and emotional pain. But will that life ever really be her own?

  Consumed picks up exactly where Conflicted left off.  Keegan`s birthday and an entire whirl wind of emotion.  She was happy with the way things were going, her bond gone and her relationship with Donald. Rourk comes back for her birthday and with a ring brings their bond back.  In the process this breaks Donalds heart and infurates Keegan.  She can`t deny her bond with Rourk and the feeling of being complete but she never wanted to hurt Donald like that.  However like the Keegan I have grown to know she accepts what is going on and keeps moving. 
  What she didn`t realize was that the dark magic that was running through her would complicate things in the bond.  What should be a little pain when she is apart from her chosen is a killer can`t survive type pain.   Keegan wants to finish her schooling in Alaska but is that close enough to Rourk?  Will she stand her ground about no marrage until after school of will all that's happening make her take a step off her own beaten path.  This is the question that we all want to know when it comes to her and Rourke.
  Keegan for the most part is a really loving and loyal girl that has a bit of a temper.  She hasn't changed at all in this book.  Her bond is back and although it doesn't seem like that's what she wants she falls right back into an easy and loving relationship with Rourk.  I  hadn't expected it to be quite as easy as it was.  Knowing how she had felt about Donald I was upset to see that she could just let everyone off the hook so easy.  Understandably an Elf's bond with their chosen is something that they can't really fight but I expected some sort of rebellious act from her.
  This book really gave us what we wanted I think.  If you read the first two you know that there is so much love between Elves that it├Ęs bound to be the kind of romance that makes us all swoon a little over Rourke.  I do however wish there had been a little more action.  I kept waiting for that dramatic hold and it never came.  Don't get me wrong I loved this book and all of the characters in it but from the other two books I expected something more. I for the most part enjoyed the ending but still want to know a little more about other characters!!


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