Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Fire Stones by Kailin Gow

Mackenzy Evers can't believe how close she is with Chance now that they've finally allowed themselves to be with each other. But her past with Varun and her quest for the goddess Vesta's magical stones can tear her away from him forever.

  This is book 2 in Kailin's Fire Wars series and let me tell you it did not disappoint me either.  Kailin has a way with these books and when you open them everything draws you in and you become part of it all.  This book you have all the same characters that you had last book but with a little more information and A LOT more action.
  Mac has made her decision.  She is with Chance and no attraction to anyone can change that, right?   Even the strong Mac has to make hard decisions and she is stuck with many of those in this book.  Between her wanting to find out if she is really the goddess Vesta or not and having Varun trying to tell her that it is the sea she belongs with you really have to wonder at times how she remains sane.  I really admire Mac for putting her foot down and trying to remain with just one when her heart pulls her two ways.  She doesn't want to be one of those silly girls that can't make up her mind and creates a love triangle.  Try as she may to explain this Varun wont give up on her and her heart wont give up on the hope of him either.  I wish it were more simple than that for her but becoming one of the most important Goddess's ever isn't going to be easy right?
  Chance is around a lot more for this book and I have only grown more attatched to the hottie Fire God.  Seeing he comes from fire he has so much passion but I guess with it comes the moods.  Although he has managed to tone down the mood swing a lot from last book, he still has his moments.  How can you blame him though.  When you know that the love of your life, your other half has left you before and seems drawn to again?  I can't even express how Team Chance I am.  He may be possesive and moody but my gosh is this boy ever worth every word that is written about him.  There is no amout of Chance that could be too much. Two pages to really watch for with Chance and Mac here: 96 & 163.  Not that far apart I know but you will love it!!

  Varun... I like him but he just isn't Chance.  he loves Mac but is trying too hard to convince her of what she doesn't want.  I guess somewhere in her heart she knows that he has a place there too but that is what she is trying to avoid.  He is Water King so for all purposes he is the opposite of chance.  He doesn't have the passion but a smoother love and he is a much calmer personality.  I think part of that is why Mac feels such a pull to him.  Wouldn't you want someone around that could make you feel less stress with just a touch of their hand?!  Overall Varun rather than being a little more insistant is the same person that was in book 1.  Not complaining he's hot for sure but he just isn't Chance.

    The Post Erosion world in this book kind of stands out a little more.  Kailin has done such an amazing job with this dystopian type world because realistically it could 100% happen and many people believe it will.  A world where the water has taken over and the land is far and few between.  The landscapes that you read/see are just breath taking and I can't stress enough that you can actually see with almost perfectly where you are and how wonderful this different new world is on Eros Island.  I specify there because from what Mac says most of the world isn't as fortunate as this island and maybe that's why I love it so much.

 The entire Mac, Chance, Varun thing really does come to a peak in this book. I really want to go on about it but I keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible. I have to tell you that the choices that Mac starts to make is going to effect everything and everyone. She will break someones heart and the ending of this book will leave you begging for more. Overall this was an amazing book!! Once again Kailin Gow has managed to create a world that you easily slip into and don't want to leave.


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