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#YABookChat feature Author Chelsea Cameron & Mini Review on Nocturnal

Seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan isn't one for doing the expected. Especially when she finds out her mother's cancer is terminal. After a crying session in the local cemetery where she's attacked by one strange guy and saved by another, she doesn't call the cops. Because those guys definitely weren't your average hooligans.

And the one who sort-of saved her? Well, he's odd. He doesn't seem to breathe or smile or have anything better to do than wait in the cemetery for Ava to come back. Which she does. Call it morbid curiosity. Even after her warns her that he's dangerous, she can't stop wanting to see him, talk to him, be with him.

There's something about Peter that provides a much-needed escape from her mother's diagnosis and her tenuous relationship with her father. Even her best friends Jamie and Texas don't know what it's like to face death. But Peter does. He already has. He also made a promise a long time ago that could destroy both of them.

When everything in your life is falling apart, what are you willing to give up to hold onto the one thing that could last forever

   Ava is living with a lot on her plate right now.  Dealing with her mothers sickness and the inability to share it with her two closest friends Tex and Jamie.  Not because they don't want to hear it but because she isn't ready to talk about everything that is going on at home.  Instead she takes to the cemetery.  The dead listen but don't ask her anything or anything of her.  What happens when she goes one night and it isn't only the dead there does she realize how dangerous the night can be.  Terrified or not she wants to see the guy that saved her from the one that was going to destroy her.

  I'm not telling you the twist here but lets just say that i was totally did not expect it.  I walked into this book expecting another vampire book(not that it is a bad thing).   However when it got to reveal time I had to read over the sentence a couple times just to make sure I caught it right.  I loved that it wasn't all a tortured secret and he just showed her.  It's just the couple little things that really set this book apart and I loved it.  I want to say so many of the little things that made this special to me but I don't want to ruin it for all of you.  

  Peter (our man in question) is kind of the typical mysterious guy.  There is differences but mysterious all the way.  He never talks too much, actually he doesn't really talk.  The questions that Ava showers him with are answered in the most simple way possible.  He doesn't over do it or try and make excuses for everything and anything.  His lack of answers does cause some irritation every here and there but I chalk it up to he is a guy!

  Tex (Texas Sarsaparilla Anne Hamilton <3 the name) is a very out going and loving.  Like all good friends though when something is being hidden she can sense it.  For the most part Tex just tries to support and be patient but that can only last so long...  The question is what do you tell your best friend when you aren't even sure what's going on yourself? 

  My biggest problem in the book is that she really lets Jamie down when he needs her the most and then he just seems to disappear for a good chunk of the book.  I really thought that he was going to be more and really felt that Ava let him down.  I totally get that there is a lot of stuff going with her but I hate that he just seems to drop off the face of the book.  I will admit though that I am super looking forward to the next book.  I am not saying that this book is slow but it picks up some major momentum at the end and then ends.  I feel the need for more and can't wait to see what Chelsea does with the next book!!

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A little info on Chelsea: 
Chelsea M. Cameron is a YA writer from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, vacuuming and tweeting. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head.
She is hard at work on the sequel to Nocturnal, entitled Nightmare, due out in March 2012, as well as a series about ghosts and another series about things that go bump in the night. She's also a social networking fanatic. Find her on twitter: or follow  Chelsea's Blog

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