Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looking For a Few Good People!!!

Daemon Invasion is HERE!!!
I am looking for some people to be a part of an Elite Street Team!! Up 10 people are 
needed for this team :) Once we have a team started I would like to come up with 
a team name that we will all love!!!


1.  You will need a FB account, twitter account and/or blog
(you don't need all of them but at least 1)

2. I can have no more than 10 people on my Team!! Once team is set 
we will pick a name and send it in, so that they can track us!!!

3.  Then comes the tasks!! Each task we complete on time will take us to
the next tier and provided we keep up we can make it to the Grand Prize!!

4.  The tasks are to be fun (It's DAEMON we are talking about) so don't
worry about it!!

Okay so ways you can let me know that you want in on my team:
If you have my email use it to get me your info!
If you don't you can leave me your email or a way to contact you here
and I will get back to you
Tweet ME!! @Tiff_Mahaffy

I am really looking for a Team that is about having fun.  I love Daemon and the idea of being 
a street team but having fun with you guys is my #1 thing!!!!


  1. Hello,
    If you are still looking I would be interested in helping out. I have twitter and a blog. It's a newer blog hope that's ok. I love Jennifer Armentrout's books. The Lux series is probably my favorite! Haven't had the privilege to read Onyx but, all the reviews have looked awesome so far! It would be awesome to help spread the word about Daemon! I's Daemon! Here is my email: and twitter account is b_ls. Blog is

  2. Sounds sweet. I'm Danielle dprissypunk at gmail dot com if you still looking.


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