Thursday, April 19, 2012

*REVIEW* Life's Blood by Kailin Gow

  This book takes us much further into the world of Kalina and into far more detail. I really did enjoy the first book but this one was amazing.  There was so many changes and I LOVED it!  

  In the prologue you learn about the story behind Life's Blood and how Vampire Wine came to be.  There is actually a certain amount of science behind the Life's Blood.  It is really a truly interesting story and really helps More importantly it give you a glimpse into Kalina's beautiful heritage.  She doesn't really know where she came from so the little bit that you get here takes you so far.  I could picture her more clearly and let me tell you I really believe this girl is beautiful!!  

  Life's Blood takes Kalina and her suitors to a different place.  She is far to special to fly under the radar for long so you get your danger in this book.  With danger comes a little more action and I have to admit I liked that a lot.  There is also a lot of different places that get visited in this book and they are marvelous!! I love it when a book takes you from where it is to some place new!

  You don't see a lot of the brothers in this book but you do see some new faces that will take some serious root in up coming books I am sure! To be honest I can't express how excited I am for some of the new character developments!! There is one that I favour and although I wont tell you who I will tell you that he/she will win you over with very little effort.

  If you liked Pulse by Kailin Gow this will blow you away.  Kailin proves yet again what an amazing story world she can create.  This book is such a quick paced, detailed read that you wont want to stop once you start!!! I am now off to read the next book because I seriously CAN NOT wait to find out what happens next.  Vampires, love, truth and sacrifice.... That is just the beginning!!!

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