Saturday, April 21, 2012

Razorbill Launch Party Recap!

This week I had my very first signing experience! I can not even tell you how excited
 I was...  Actually I was excited enough that I made it to the Chapters at about 2pm and 
I live 2 hours away!!  Seeing I am kind of new to everything I hadn't met anyone before and 
had no idea how everything worked so I went found a chair and read for awhile! Then to my 
excitement Evie from Evie Bookish  tweet'd me and said that she was there and I should come 
and join.  As I wandered over to the (VERY LARGE) group she immediately came over gave
 me a hug and introduced me to Wendy from  A Cupcake and a Latte!! All the bloggers there
 were super nice and I totally look forward to seeing them all again!! 
Here we go with pics and such :)

This is the beautiful Evie and Wendy!! <3 These Girls!!

I am horrible with names but I do believe this is Gavin from @IndigoGreenRoom.  
He was the one that played us awesome music and chatted with us while we waited
                                                for the amazing chat and signing to start!! 

He also gave us T-shirts, bookmarks and Frisbee swag while we waited just for being early!
This table is the basket and a couple of tee's that were left over :)
Finally it was time and the wonderful Jay Asher, Leslie Livingston and Charles de Lint made 
their way out and took their seats!! As we took pics of them they took pics of us :) 
Jay Asher was the first one up.  He talked about his book Thirteen Reasons Why.  If you haven't 
picked that one up DO IT!! Such a powerful and amazing read.
Lesley chatted about her series Wondrous Strange (which I LOVE) and her book 
Once Every Never.  We also got to hear a bit about Starling which sounds so good
and I honestly can not wait.  She is so funny and I was so glad I got there to see her!
Charles de Lint was last but far from least!! He discussed Under my Skin with all
of us.  I will shamefully admit although I bought the book and had read bits about it I didn't know 
a lot about it!! I now can not wait to read the book!!!
This is a video of Lesley Livingston when she was chatting if you are interested :)
I think it is about 5 minutes or so long...

Overall this was so exciting for me I also got my books signed !! Thank you to all the bloggers 
that made me feel so welcome!! Michelle from Just a Lil Lost introduced herself to me.  So 
sweet and I wished I had a little longer to chat with her about her trip to Paris!! 

Well that is all folks!! Thanks for stopping by and checking this out :)


  1. Looks like it was lots of fun! Glad you got all your books signed ( I know you were worried about a limit) wish i could have come :( Stupid Work!!!! Maybe next time

  2. Glad you had fun Tiffany!! :) ;)

  3. So glad you had a good time! :D

  4. Love the picks, I am so glad you had a great time!


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