Friday, July 13, 2012


Once again (seeing I only do this post once every other week) I have 3 EPIC,
AWESOME & LIFE CHANGING giveaway being held by wonderful 
bloggers to share with you!! These are not my giveaways and I ask if you do 
go enter you follow these wonderful people even if they don't ask you to!!!

This is so much more than a giveaway!  This is a chance at an ARC that most
people didn't realize was coming.  Jill Hathaway released Slide and everyone was
excited but failed to notice it was actually a sequel! Yup that AWESOME book
you read has a sequel and it's called IMPOSTOR! Yup, you heard me a SEQUEL!!!
I would now like to point out that not only is there a book #2 but a giveaway
for 1 of the GORGEOUS ARC's!!!!!!!!!!!
Insert picture 
The picture is taken straight from Jill's blog and if you click on it you will be taken
 there!  Also aren't those books just amazing?!  You can't tell me that you aren't in 
love with them just at first glance?!  Let me know what you think & then head over 
to Jill's Blog and SHOW HER SOME <3!!!

There is always one awesome giveaway or another going on at this blog.  Hippies,
Beauty and Books... OH MY...  They have wonderful reviews, fun posts and 
some serious pay attention posts.  All of which are fun to read and you will
enjoy visiting them daily, weekly, monthly or whatever you can!  Right now they 
have this fun giveaway going on:
2 people will win ALL of these books!!!!  It's the fairytale giveaway :)  Once
again click on the picture to be taken to the giveaway!! What one of these beauties
are you wanting the most?!

Who isn't interested in winning something with some Zombie in it?!  There is a lot
of zombie to love in this giveaway!! Actually this is the second time that this blog
has done something AWESOME with zombies!! 
Now I know you are wondering WHERE IS THE PRIZE PIC?!  Well for 
this one you need to click the button and head over to see for yourself all
the great stuff that is up for grabs!!! 

That's all for this week :)  What do you think of the picks and prizes?
Awesome right?!  Do you have a giveaway you want to share? You are
more than welcome to link it up here!!!!

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  1. What a great feature, Tiffany! I am thrilled that you included my giveaway in your post, and I can't wait to check out the other two giveaways. Thank you so much!! Have a great day, and Happy Reading :D


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