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SIGN UP FOR the ReVamped Reader Relay!!! Round #2

So we are done round #1 and moving right along to round #2!!!  I am looking for more people wanting to read this awesome book and have a chance at some awesome prizes!!  I am the head of the Canadian Team along with Chrystal from Snowdrop Dreams so you can contact either one of us!  Easiest way is to leave a comment here with your email so we can get back to you.  

There is one major thing that we are asking this time and it is SUPER important that you can commit to it before you sign up.  We now have a one week per person rule.  Due some hold ups last time we just ask that you are willing to get into it and get it moving :)  Remember the more people that get the book in their hands the better your chances are of winning something AWESOME like you very own signed book!!!! 

Rather than that this is the deal:

1. Read the book.
2. Post a short review (anywhere!)
Suggested places: Blog, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
The review could be as short as one or two sentences or longer. You can even Tweet the review and it will count. Just make sure that you save the link.
3. Email the following information to your Team Leader:
Your Name, Location, Review Link. Please ensure that your team name is in the email title!
(ex. Sarah A., Toronto, Canada,
*Why is this part of the relay important? Read the “Prizes” section to find out!
4. Share the book.
It’s up to the reader to choose who to share the book with. This could be a friend or a family member, someone from school, someone in another town, or someone from a completely different corner of the world! Please ensure that this person is interested in reading ReVampedand participating in the relay, so that we can make sure they will also pass on the book. Ideally, the goal is to see how far the book can travel, and how many homes (and hopefully hearts!) it can reach. Do you have to spend money for shipping? No. You can pass it on by hand. If you want to ship, that’s great as well. The Team Leaders can also be responsible for getting people onto a team reading list, so do check in with them.
5. Bonus.
Sign your name and add any comments into the Reader Notebook that will be travelling with the book. Feel free to sign your name in the book as well!
*Please understand that the Team Leaders and I are doing this with the belief that all participants will follow an honor code and pass on the book after reading. This is a fun way to read a book, connect with friends, as well as make new ones along the way, so you need to be an active, enthusiastic, and honest participant for it to work.
Now, for the prizes!
Every month, we will tally up the readers from each of the five teams. This is why it’s important for everyone to sign in after finishing the book. The team with the largest amount of points will be declared that month’s winner!
Point System:
  • 1 point for each group member that signs their name
  • 1 point for each city that the book travels to
  • 2 point for each state/province that the book reaches
  • 3 points for each different country
A book that makes its way from Toronto, ON to Buffalo, NY to New York, NY and reaches ten readers.
  • 10 members: 10×1=10
  • 3 cities: 3×1=3
  • 2 states/provinces: 2×2=4
  • 2 countries: 2×3=6
  • Total Score: 23
All members from the winning team will be placed in a draw for ReVamped goodies (print copies of the book, posters, bookmarks, etc.) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be declared every month. The numbers are re-set after each month, and a new tally starts up, so that every team has an equal chance of winning each month. However, the member names don’t re-set, so if you were part of the Month One team, you still can win during the Month Two or Month Three draws. There will be consolation prizes for the other teams as well!

  That is A LOT of awesome that you can win right?!  Well that's enough for now.  If you have ANY questions go ahead and ask I am more than happy to answer and if we have hooked you already then leave a name and how to contact you!!! 
Also you can see Ada's original post HERE.  Most of the info from this post came from there :) 

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  1. Hi Tiffany and Chrystal!

    I'd love to sign up. Here's my email: booknerdcanada (at)


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