Saturday, July 7, 2012

*REVIEW* DESIRE by Kailin Gow

A Dystopian world where every one's future is planned out for them at age 18...whether it is what a person desires or not. Kama is about to turn 18 and she thinks her Life s Plan will turn out like her boyfriend's and friend's as they desired. But when she glimpse a young man who can communicate with her with his thoughts and knows her name...a young man with burning blue eyes and raven hair, who is dressed like no other in her world, she is left to question her Life's Plan and her destiny. Knowing the truth can destroy everyone...

  Where do I start with this one...  I must say I have NEVER felt this conflicted about writing a review on one of Kailin Gow's books like I do with this one.  If you know me you know my deep love for her books and the passion and feeling that she pours into her books. This one was a completely riveting read that had me hooked from the first chapter but there were things that just got to me too.

  Kama is my biggest conflict in this book.  I loved her but she made me so down right angry at times I just wanted to scream.  Her life's plan means everything to her just like every other person in Arcadia.  Turning 18 and finding out what you are to do for the rest of your life is how things are run and no one ever questions it because that is what bring peace to this small state. However the fact that she seems to all but fall apart when her life's plan isn't what she wants drives me nuts.  She does some what redeem herself by trying to find answers and fight the decision.  In the process she learns that she has not one but two destiny's to choose from and making it could destroy everything she knows or save it.

  Liam is Kama's past and hopeful future.  He is also an all around awesome guy that can't see his life without her and honestly doesn't want to even consider life without her.  This guy seriously for once has me hooked on the good boy.  I know crazy right?!  However her was passionate, caring and didn't back down.  He fights for Kama and isn't swayed by others thoughts and opinions of her.  Even when it seems like the odds are against it and he should turn his back this boy just keeps on going!  He is one book good boy that I can honestly say that I hope can get the girl because man he deserves it!

  I would be lying to you if I said that I didn't find Torrent alluring.  He is totally drool over tall, dark and handsome kind of guy.  You know the one that your parents tell you to be careful of.  I could see the attraction to him I just couldn't feel it myself.  He was always holding something back from her and always seems like he has something to hide.  Personally I think I was thrown when he spoke to Kama in her mind and the first thing out of her mouth wasn't "WTF?"  I mean maybe minus the language but still she didn't even question it to start.

  There is a love triangle and this one actually kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  I am normally very VERY understanding about choosing between two awesome guys but this one kind of rubbed at me.  I really enjoyed all things Kama except how quickly and easily she changed boys! I mean she was all about whoever was right in front of her.  I don't expect her to choose off the hop but some amount of loyalty would be nice.
 I will be starting book two very very soon and have high hopes that my irritation will be cleared up a little.  The way this one ended made me feel like it might.  I know that the triangle wont just go away but I hope it becomes easier.

  The clarity of Gow's world building really shines in this book.  There was not a moment that I didn't see where I was.  The description of the field was amazing and I wanted to be there with Kama.  With such a clean and polished society it was easy to forget that the world outside of Arcadia is battered, broken and war torn.  The people are all compliant to say the least but that is really what it takes to be a part of what people see as a safe and stable world.

  This is the kind of book that I would recommend to people that are lovers of dystopian books but more importantly are lovers of love triangles.  I am eager to start the next book and see where everyone goes and who continues to fight.  Beyond that I can only say that I enjoyed this one but it isn't my favorite Gow book but I hope that the series will turn out to be one of my favorites!

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