Friday, August 24, 2012


WELCOME!!  Thanks for stopping by to visit this weeks CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY!!
This is my way of sharing all of the awesome contests going on in the blogging community
that I have seen/entered.  Well Sharing 1-3 per week :)

This week I am only featuring 1 blog.  I know crazy right!  I always give you lots to chase and
enter and fear not I still am!!!!  This blog has many awesome giveaways going on.  Ones I would
LOVE to win (1 in particular) and not only that the blog is just all around AMAZING!!!!
I have something in common with the blogger that runs the blog as well.  We both have the 
beautiful and wonderful name Tiffany!! I know awesome right :)  Well on to the giveaways!

This week let me introduce you to the awesome that is

So as the picture shows this giveaway is FULL of awesome!  The winner will receive
Sweet Evil, Dreamless, Ten Things We Did (and probably Shouldn't Have ), Hemlock
 and an ARC of  The Selection!!!
You can not tell me that you aren't excited about this!!!!

Winner receives ALL 3 books!!! Can you see just how beautiful they are?! My 
gosh *sigh*.  Anastasia Forever is just stunning.  I am such a sucker for red covers!
This is a US/CAN only giveaway but stop by it to check out the wonderful guest 
post that is posted with this giveaway!!

I am VERY excited about this read.  I was lucky and won an ARC (it's now in 
the mail on its way I hope!!) and I want you guys to have the same chance because this
one looks so promising.  I read the prequel and can barely contain myself while waiting!!
US only

Well you know the deal.  Click the giveaway picture to be rushed straight to the giveaway 
and click the blog name just to go visit and follow because Tiffany and her blog are AWESOME!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring For those About to Read!!


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