Monday, August 13, 2012

No Escape: A Don't Turn around Prequel by Michelle Gagnon

Gritty and heart-stopping, this short story from breakout author Michelle Gagnon also features a teaser to her thrilling debut young-adult novel, Don’t Turn Around. Sixteen-year-old Alex might be living day-to-day on whatever he can steal, but he still prefers being on the run to getting caught and thrown back in juvie. Plus, he has Jenny to think of. She comes with her own world of problems, but for once Alex feels like somebody actually needs him. So when a shady organization gives Alex the chance to participate in a medical study, all he hears is easy money—and a lot of it! He’ll soon find out there’s more involved. Set directly before Don’t Turn Around, which in a starred review Kirkus called a “pulse-pounding, scary-great read” and “a surefire hit,” Michelle Gagnon’s “No Escape” lays the groundwork for a world in which every move you make is being watched, and no one can be trusted.

  So I was very excited to see this prequel was being offered up free!  I had won an ARC of Don't Turn Around and was super interested from the description but didn't really know what I was in for.  Prequels are a great way to see if you are going to be into the story, the writing style and normally gives you a peek into the characters you are going to be spending time with.  This was a perfect way to get me amped up for getting the ARC in the mail.

  Told from Alex's point of view this was a quick yet intriguing read.  Alex lives on the streets doing what he can to just survive.  Right away you get the impression that Alex is a fighter and even though he does some things that just aren't right he is only doing what he feels he needs to, to get by from day to day.  Although it involves some not so legal things at times he is just trying to live and keep Jenny happy.  Even if she thinks her addiction is more important than him, at least he has her.

  A purse jacking gone bad and the need for medical treatment leads Alex into a shady situation.  When offered more money than he could dream of he finds himself willing to do anything to get it.  Upon arrival he starts to think that it isn't all he thought it would be and maybe not even worth it but that choice is long gone and he is in for something he would have never have expected/wanted.  This is where the chills start and you can tell.  I can divulge too much because I want you enjoy it without me spoiling it!

  Well written and addictive this little prequel did its job and has me wanting to know exactly what is going on and why.  From looking around this appears to be Michelle Gagnon's first YA novel and let me tell you I am excited.  With a prequel like this I can only imagine how much I am going to enjoy Don't Turn Around!

*NOTE*  I went to Amazon and with any NO ESCAPE is still FREE!!
Go HERE & Download your copy!!!

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