Friday, August 31, 2012


WELCOME!!  Thanks for stopping by to visit this weeks CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY!!
This is my way of sharing all of the awesome contests going on in the blogging community
that I have seen/entered.  Well Sharing 1-3 per week :)

This week I am sharing 2 blogs that I seriously LOVE!  One I have followed for quite some time and the other is more recent but she rocks!!!

Deadly Destinations with All Things Urban Fantasy
This is a seriously awesome compilation of giveaways!! They range from US only to US/CA to International!!  There is a mix of YA & Adult with a little bit of something for everyone.  I seriously suggest that you stop by and check them out while they are still running!!  You can't win if you don't try.  Oh, and don't forget to follow this blog because it is freaking awesome!!!!!!!

Magic Mondays with Sparkles and Lightning
Ok so I am just going to come out and say it:  Annabelle is freaking EPIC!  She is a seriously awesome blogger that speaks her mind and does not hold back.  She is not all rainbows and butterflies (well she is but she is honest and doesn't sugar coat) and her reviews will totally blow you away.  Anyway...  She does this thing called Magic Mondays and it's super awesome!!!!!  Just be a dear and check out her giveaway policy.  There are so many disasters you can avoid by just checking out that one page.  Oh and make sure you follow the blog because you wont want to miss out!

Well you know the deal.  Click the giveaway picture to be rushed straight to the giveaway 
and click the blog name just to go visit and follow because these guys are AWESOME!!!  If you have a giveaway you want to share post it here or let me know and I can put it in a post :)

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