Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{*REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*} For Ever By C.J. Valles

Sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan can read minds, but when she moves from Southern California to Portland, Oregon, she meets Ever Casey—the one person whose mind is off-limits. Wren does know one thing about her mysterious classmate: he has a dark secret to hide. And the closer she gets to learning the truth, the more dangerous it is for her and everyone around her.

  This book was really easy to slip into for me.  There were a few questions to start but they are quickly answered and don't cause a single problem.  This is one of the cases of don't judge a book by its cover.  In fact if it hadn't been for the description I would have totally passed this one over but I am glad that I didn't.  Turned out to be a good paranormal romance type book, even though that is not what the cover screamed at me.

  Main character Wren was enjoyable to read.  She has a particular ability that hasn't made her life easy but she seems to do really well with it.  However I will point out that even though she isn't whiny and needy she isn't exactly what you would call a strong herione.  She does give it her best at times and suceeded at fending of some idoits a couple of times but when it comes down to it, it's Ever to save the day.  The biggest thing I appreciate about Wren is her loyalty.  When push comes to shove her friends and family are put above it all and she would risk her own neck over thiers ever time.

  I liked that C.J. Valles had a varity of characters and gave them each their own voice.  Wren's friends were all very clearly written, however there wasn't much depth to them.  Basically there was a clear group dynamic and it mad the pages that the others were on enjoyable to read about.  There were also others outside of the group that just take you right back to high school.   The mean girl and her group of lackies and the popular guy that feels the world bows to him and only him.  Many times I actually smiled while reading about these two because even though I found them like a blip on the character scale, they help bring the high school feel to life.

  The romance.  I am really unsure of how I stood on this one for the longest time because although it wasn't insta love it wasn't developed very well either.  As far as insta love I have never really had the issue that many people have with it provided it has a back bone.  the problem I had with this one was that there was nothing but Wren pinning for a guy she thought was hot and nothing else and Ever treating her like dirt because it was "better" for her.  So I would like to say now "When does treating someone like junk make their life better?"  To Wren "Why fuss over someone that treats you like crap?"  However I get less irritated when they decided to share what is going on.  Ever warms up to Wren and eventually her friends but I am left at times with my jaw down.

  Now I try not to do comparisons unless I am saying "you will enjoy this book if you enjoyed..."  However I really felt that this book had many heavy simularities to Twilight.  I enjoyed Twilight and this book as well.  That being said I just found that there were many simular situations and that the way Wren and Ever's relationship was carried on closely to Twilight at times.  The entire book wasn't like that but every now and again I did feel like to book was going the same way.  That said the book did keep me interested the entire way through and I enjoyed the way C.J. Valles writing flows.

  Overall this was an enjoyable read.  Despite it's comparable parts there is other twists that will keep you interested.  The way it ended shocked me.  Not so much I couldn't believe that it happened but more I couldn't believe that it was the last page.  I do well with cliffhangers most of the time but this one was almost too hanger for me.  It did its job though and has me NEEDING the next book to find out what happens and how it all plays out.


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  1. I really liked your review and the book is very interesting.

  2. This looks to be an interesting read, i might want to read this. But i am bit hasitant to do so cause you mentioned that it has some similarities to Twilight.

  3. It sounds interesting. I would have never known it was a paranormal romance book looking at the cover. I'll have to add it to my list.

  4. When things are "off-limits", people usually find a way to make sure they invade them.

  5. Even if the book have some similarituies to Twilight I'd read! The books sounds interesting. (Ileana-rafflecopter)


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