Friday, September 7, 2012


WELCOME!!  Thanks for stopping by to visit this weeks CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY!!
This is my way of sharing all of the awesome contests going on in the blogging community
that I have seen/entered.  Well Sharing 1-3 per week :)

This week I am featuring...  ME!!!  *GASP*  I know that is kind of cheating and I don't get to enter 
my own contests but I have some seriously awesome ones going on right now! 

I am actually SUPER EXCITED about this one.  I am itching to find out who the lucky
winner of this one will be!!!  This is 100% International as long as the winner can 
receive it <3 
So if you haven't already go HERE & ENTER

Celebrate with ME!!  You guys are always so good to me so I figured seeing it is
a day to celebrate me I want to celebrate you guys!!! You can win $25 to the Book
Depository & 2nd person drawn wins a swag pack!!! Yay <3 you guys!
So if you haven't seen it yet ENTER HERE

There is a #3 but as it starts today with this post I can't add it here yet but entering it WILL
give you extra entries into the other contest!!  Awesome right?!  Okay well that is all for this 
week.  What do you think?!  Do you have any giveaways you want to share?  Fell free to 
comment with a link!


  1. Wait. Was that a sneaky way of saying IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY???? In that case .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!


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