Friday, September 14, 2012

TRANSCEND Pre-Party Day #4: Erik Montgomery + Giveaway

SO CLOSE!! We are over the half way point now!!! With 3 days to go I 
can't even start to express my excitement!!! By now I think you all know what 
I am talking about!  I am talking about:
I just can't get enough of this cover <3  Not to mention all of the talent 
that Christine has placed between the cover!!! This is a deliciously 
dark story that you NEED!  Which is totally possible
with these prizes:
Book swag for all of my books
a pack of love letters from Ien to Kiera
Signed Hardback Copy of Lacrimosa
Special Edition Hardback for Transcend (not shipping until Dec)
Signed Copy of TEN by Gretchen McNeil (ships at the end of the month)

Oh and the Giveaway I have going for an e-copy at the bottom of this post!!!
  Seriously you guys are LUCKY

Today I would like you to meet:

Erik Montgomery 

Born in 1873 in NYC, Erik is Ien’s older brother. Also tall and lean,
Erik’s classic good looks have made him a bit of a ladies’ man. He is athletic, 
smart, charming- everything that is expected of the Montgomery men. He 
expected to take over the family 
business until a horrible riding 

accident takes his life.

If you missed our previous days check them out!
Knowing your characters may increase your prize chances
at the party.  Not promising just saying....

Day 3: James Thoburn III  + Giveaway

Oh and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!  This is just an extra chance at winning a 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Another great character. Eric looks very good looking man. I am very curious about the book now.

  2. Pity that Erik won't be a living character in this awesome book :(

  3. That is so sad. :(
    I've been reading a lot of dead characters in books these days. :(


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