Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Ready! DAY 1: Character Bio #1 + Twitter Party Details!!

I am so excited to get this going!  I have been barely keeping this in since Christine and I first discussed
it a month ago!! 
So on September 18 @ 9pm EST we will be celebrating the release of:
I am SO in love with this book!  It is dark, daring and hauntingly beautiful all at the same time.  Christine Fonseca shows her talent in full force with this one and you don't want to miss it!  So with that I would like 
share what will be up for grabs on September 18 during the release party!

At the release you can win:

Book swag for all of my books
A pack of love letters from Ien to Kiera
Signed Hardback Copy of Lacrimosa
Special Edition Hardback for Transcend (not shipping until Dec)
Signed Copy of TEN by Gretchen McNeil (ships at the end of the month)

That is a LOT of amazing things up for grabs you guys!  I am totally jealous that I can't be the one trying for this great stuff!   However I am SO excited that you guys will be winning it! 
Also today I will be giving you the first Character Bio:

John and Katherine Montgomery 

Who they are:  
The heads of the Montgomery family, they both came to this country from London as children of the upper crust. Mr. Montgomery was well educated and started a transportation business that grew into the largest such business on the eastern seaboard. His marriage to Katherine was as much obligation as it was convenience. Together, John and Katherine have two children – Erik and Ien. Their goal is simply to secure a strong future for the family.

Stay tuned tomorow for the Bio on Jenna (who I love BTW)
keep in mind these bio's may help you with one of those 
EPIC prizes listed above!!!!


  1. Holy beautiful book! Must. Read. Now! *Adds to Goodreads TBR list*

    Konstanz Silverbow

  2. This books is utterly AMAZING! There are no words for Christine's poetic, artistic talent. Anyone who reads her work CANNOT be disappointed! I cannot wait for others to experience this hauntingly beautiful piece of work. I promise, you will not be disappointed, people. So, go get it when it is released!
    Excited for all the fun to come! WOOT!

  3. Yay sounds like an amazing release!!!! Thanks for organizing such a great release party :)

  4. Transcend has very beautiful story and the cover is amazing!

  5. CAN'T WAIT FOR TRANSCEND!! I hope I win this awesome giveaway <3

  6. Woot! I'm so excited for Christine. This is awesome!


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