Thursday, September 13, 2012

TRANSCEND Pre-Party Day #3

First off let me tell you just how exciting it is that we are 3 days in and only 4 days away!!!
If you haven't seen the previous posts (Day #1 & Day #2) then this is what the party is
all about:
LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!!!! Want to know something?  The story beneath the cover is
just as amazing!!  Here's the deets on the party prizes:
Book swag for all of my books
a pack of love letters from Ien to Kiera
Signed Hardback Copy of Lacrimosa
Special Edition Hardback for Transcend (not shipping until Dec)
Signed Copy of TEN by Gretchen McNeil (ships at the end of the month)

How awesome is that?!  Seriously!!  Plus you get to learn more about the AMAZING Author
Christine Fonseca!!!!  She is EPIC & you will love her <3  

Now off to meet todays character:
James Thoburn III 
Born in 1877, James and Ien have known each other their entire lives.
And like Ien, James understands the pressures of being born into New York’s elite, being the
only son to another prestigious family. James is of medium height with a stocky build. His dark
features and olive complexion make him very popular with the Whitehall girls. James enjoys
playing tricks on people and seeing just how many rules and expectations he can bend or break
before he is forced to attend Harvard and take his place within the upper crust. He is loyal to Ien
and would protect him with his life.

Now for my giveaway (psst this is for every day)!!  I am so excited about this 
book I am giving away 1 e-copy of this wonderful novel!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love the way which introduced the characters of the book.
    Great idea!

  2. Ooooh, a bad boy yet a loyal friend! I'll be making sure to see more of James Thoburn ;)

  3. I can help but picture Chuck Bass. Bad boy but a loyal friend, he has some nice in him too. ^_^


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