Friday, March 1, 2013


YES!!!!  It is finally here and I can NOT even explain how excited I am and really I hope
you are too.  I mean who wouldn't be with all of these amazing ladies?!  I have reviews
of many of their novels and many author interviews and guest posts!!  Oh lets not forget all of 
the amazing donations that were made so that there could be an AWESOME giveaway! 

So do you want to know what is in store?! Of Course You Do!!  This is our Month:

Friday March 1: Kick off  Post +
 Author Ali Cross & *Review Repost** Destined
March 10: Review *repost Lacrimosa by Cristine Fonseca
March 16: Review Miss Me Not by Tiffany King
March 21: Review **repost ReAwakened by Ada Adams
March 26: Review Settle by Brina Courtney
March 28: Tour Stop: Katrice Bolton  + 
March 30: Review Focused by Michelle Pennington (no GR Page)

So what do you think?! Exciting right?!!! Click on any of the Authors names to go to their Goodreads page and the Book name will take you to it's GR page :D 

Seeing Ali's Post is a single you can comment here about why you are excited to claim points for your Post Comment :)  Oh and the just below here is the


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