Sunday, March 3, 2013

Susan Kaye Quinn & The Mindjack Series

Today I am excited to have Susan Kaye Quinn on the blog!!!  She is such a
wonderful author and has been since the day I met her on twitter!

So meet Susan:
Susan Kaye Quinn is former rocket scientist and engineer, but now she writes novels because she loves writing even more than shiny tech gadgets. Susan is the author of the bestselling Mindjack Series, which includes three novels, three novellas, and a trailer. She's currently writing a steampunk fantasy romance, just for kicks. When that's out of her system, she has ambitious plans to embark on a series about the Singularity (the time when computers become more intelligent than humans) that should appeal to fans of the Mindjack novels. Unless she gets sidetracked by this new future-noir novella or spends too much time on Facebook. Could go either way.

Find Her:

Susan's Books

The Mindjack Trilogy 

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Free Souls AmazonBarnes and Noble

The Mindjack Origins Collection

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pink= me
blue= Susan

I LOVED Open Minds! Thanks! Where did the idea come from? It popped into my head while I was trying to think up an idea for a 1st paragraph contest. It came to me as an image, actually, of a girl who couldn’t read minds, sitting in a room filled with mindreaders, painfully ostracized and alone. Then the idea refused to let go, and I was forced to write a novel about it. Pesky ideas.

What is your favorite part about being an Indie writer? The freedom to write what I want and let readers decide if they want to read it or not.

Name one thing that you don't think you could live without. I’ll skip the obvious (my husband and kids) and go straight to the truth: tea. It’s a problem. No, I’m not getting help for it.

Is there anything that you find you need to have while you write? I need background noise personally :) I actually need silence. I’ve been known to check out a study room at the library, just so I can achieve that near total quiet that comes from isolation and just the ventilation system whirring. If I can’t have that, I’ll drown the burblings of noise from cats, kids, and that strange surging sound from my washing machine with an endless loop of Green Day.

Has a character ever become something other than what you had planned? Who? My characters are pretty obedient. They know I’ve killed off a few of them before.

Inspiration. Where do you find yours and what would you say to inspire others? I’m inspired by the many authors I know who are carving their own paths, breaking the rules, and generally doing what everyone says you can’t/shouldn’t/ought-not-to... and being a success anyway. I’m a bit of a rebel that way. What would I say to inspire others? Be yourself. That may sound easy, but it’s not. Being what other people expect is easy; being yourself, the self you’re meant to be, is really hard work. But whenever you’re feeling stressed about trying to sell books, or land a contract, or hit some measure of “success” in the world as an author, I wish I could take you, my author-friend, by the shoulders, look deep into your eyes, and say, “You only need to be your true self. Put your energy into finding that unique thing inside you that’s dying to come out, and the rest will follow.” It’s not easy, but the good stuff never is.

How did you come up with you characters names? Or random searches on the internet about “male indian names” or “names that mean REDEEMED.” Every once in a while, I’ll steal a name from a church song. That’s probably a sin, but I don’t think they missed it.

  Thank you Susan for stopping by and chatting with me!! 

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  1. Great interview! I use the baby name finder too.

  2. Capcha letter combinations from blogspot! I write SF - which helps.

  3. Oh, you turned it off ... muchly appreciated! :D

  4. LOL, a one-paragraph contest - those are so difficult! I have to write 1500 words for something in creative writing, and that's hard, because I like to write with no restraints! But I'm glad it worked out as well as it did for you :D


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