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**REVIEWS** Storm or Arranon & Fire and Ice by R.E. Sheahan

Welcome to my double review!!  R.E. Sheahan was awesome and provided me 
with print copies of these books and though book 1 and I had a rocky start, book
2 began a need!! 

Beneath Erynn's petite build, curly red hair, and startling blue eyes, lies a deeply hidden secret.If the truth about her were revealed, her life would be in danger. Her dream to be a fighter pilot would tailspin,crash, and burst into flames.Jaer's wise brown eyes reflect his smoldering strength. An enigma, charismatic and moody, he is a physically powerful warrior who defends his world. A warrior afraid to love because of mistakes in his past.When the presence of a marauding alien society is discovered on their planets, a struggle of life and death begins. Both Erynn and Jaer's worlds face annihilation.A mysterious force plunges Erynn into Jaer's cold, dangerous, and beautiful world with its magical essence and living consciousness. Both the alien enemy and this strange inexplicable power purse Erynn.
Release Date:
Published By:  Rule of Three Press
Review Copy: Paperback, 287 pages 
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  Storm of Arranon was nothing like what I had expected.  Though I can't truly describe what I had expected but I was kind of overwhelmed by everything to start.  There is so much detail and the worlds that have been created are a lot to take in.  Not that this is a bad thing but I had to revisit a couple of things because I felt I had overlooked some information.  Which I kind of had because despite my attention being completely centralized in this book I think my attention got ahead of a few pages.  Yes this book was a victim of me needing to know what was happening.  

  The story was busy.  Erynn is the daughter of a powerful man and though she may be the adopted daughter, people still pay attention to her because of it or so she thinks.  She is special and has no idea why but knows that she must hid who she is because if people find out what she can do it wont matter who her dad is she would be in trouble or would she?  Turns out that more people know what/who she is than she thinks know and they know more about her than she even does.  Like the fact that there are more people out there that are like her but it seems that she is the one with the untapped power that she doesn't even know the exact extent of.  But in order to save her worlds she will need to figure it out and take some chances.  There is so much to take in and absorb but details really make the difference.

  Erynn was a driven character right from the start.  Though I had trouble figuring her feelings to start they clear up as you read.  By this I mean that there is a lot of jumping from here to there but given the circumstances and what is happening I kind of overlooked it while reading.  The best part of Erynn was the development.  She knew that she was different but because of the fear of what may  happen if someone figured it out.  When she finds out that there are more people out there that are like her she opens up a little and starts to discover herself.  Best part is that she doesn't discover everything she can do all at once, it's a learning process that she at times struggles with.  There were times that she did what she had to even if she didn't want to but she did it because it was right and her instincts told her it was the only way.

  The romance really wasn't very developed in this book.  The thing between Jaer and Erynn was really just a here nor there thing.  They both liked each other but Erynn was never really sure of Jaer's feelings for her.  He definitely had a hot and cold thing going and unfortunately I never really caught why besides the fact that he lived a different life in order to get to the rank and position he was in.  Thing was he was confused about how he felt most of the time but he did have one consistent: he wanted to do what was best for Erynn.  The small glimpses of the relationship that could and started to develop though looked so promising.  

  Storm of Arranon shows so much promise and R.E. Sheahan's writing style is different than most I have read but finishing this book I am ready for book two.  With so much going on there is no other way to describe this but fast paced but I believe that fans of fantasy will really love this one, especially with the alternate worlds that have been crafted.

"Yes."  He tipped his head and scrutinized her face.  "You finally broke under Kendall's unending lecturing and fell asleep, dreaming you were chained to the desk.:  A smile threatened at the corners of his mouth.

He understands what I am, a freak of nature.  Don't touch.  Don't get too close.Her gut clenched and her heart squeezed against the emotion building in the empty chambers.

"Yes.  Find Cale.  Our enemies are many.  Listen to the maejen.  Learn from the aleun, the wind, the trees.  Arranon awaits your request.  Bind the two worlds.  They must be one.  Unite your brothers and sisters," the voices chorused.

No.  They will return.  And I will question Jaer about his puzzling manner toward me.  Learn if his inconsistency is because of what I am, or something else.  Maybe he just needs to understand the way I feel.

Newly commissioned Interceptor fighter pilot, Erynn Yager, knows sacrifice. Her battle against a brutal alien enemy intent on destroying her two worlds set her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, all while struggling to gain control of her secret abilities. With the alien threat crushed, Erynn believes the worst is behind her. She settles in to experience first love and a changed life on a hidden military base deep inside a glacier covered mountain on Arranon.Her peaceful existence can’t last. Dhoran, the evil sovereign of Arranon’s underworld has risen from the dead to possess an unwilling human. Dhoran’s powers grow while he plots a war that may plunge Arranon onto a path of destruction neither realm will survive. Arranon is pulled into chaos as violence spreads across the planet.Drawn first in visions, Erynn enters a diverse world beneath Arranon’s surface, a realm teeming with danger, mystery, and beauty. The battle thrusts her into an uncharted kingdom, intensifying her connection to the heart and soul of the living Arranon.
Release Date:   December 29, 2012
Published By:  Rule of Three Press
Review Copy: Paperback, 292 pages
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  Well from the previous book you have to know that I was looking forward to seeing how things went in this book.  Things went amazing. This book pulled me in far more than the first.  Like I read it straight through in an afternoon because the drama and the deception was just piling up and I didn't want to stop even for a meal.  I actually ate my dinner while still reading.  The writing was much smoother and I had a better grasp on what was going on.  Though book one had me interested, with this series book two is the one to hook me.  This is not a normal occurrence for me but I am kind of enjoying it.

  With this story you have Erynn and her now accepted  abilities/differences but to her there are still many secrets she needs to hide. Where  in the last book she was unsure of her abilities Erynn is now starting to accept that there is a lot more to her than she could have even imagined.  This is good because she has to face a greater evil than ever.  This threat doesn't come from a different planet but from within.  Problem is this time around the threat isn't as openly visible but a much more organized and patient being.  How do you fight an invisible enemy.

  I am really growing fond of Erynn.  This girl is remaining strong and continues to grow in many ways.  My favourite thing is still that even with her range of abilities growing she doesn't just get everything at once and understand how it works.  Like it seems now she gets how to manipulate the weather but there are new things that she is still trying to get the swing of.  Her one and only downfall is that she is always determined to do things alone.  When there is danger she frequently rationalizes going out on her own and it almost always gets her into more trouble than needed.  Sometimes I got it but others I just couldn't figure out why she would be so difficult but it is something that he has been since the first book.  She is proof that even when a character grows and becomes better one things will just never change.

  The relationship between Jaer and Erynn became a little more prominent in Fire and Ice and I loved the development.  Just because it became more doesn't mean it became less complicated.  Actually it became more complicated and bigger blocks were placed in front of the couple.  One of the blocks was large enough I thought for sure Erynn was going to have to take a broken heart and learn to live with it but not everything is as it seems and I need to stop jumping to conclusions!  I just hope that things smooth over for his couple by the next book because I'm not sure how much more I can handle.

  Fire and Ice was an amazing second installment and I enjoyed it more than the first.  The cliff hanger at the has me seriously wishing I had book three in my hands.  There is some serious anticipation building up and my mind is reeling with all the possibilities.  R.E. Sheahan is really pulling out all the stops and has this reader hopelessly addicted to her vivid world and characters.  

**Note:  Isn't this cover BEAUTIFUL!

"Yes, I do." Cale pushed away to stare into her eyes, still holding her.  "You arent alone, Erynn.  You don't have to do these things alone anymore."  He brushed at her cheek with a gentle touch.  "We take care of each other, help each other here."

"Jaer takes the security of this base seriously.  His need to protect you is personal.  Go eat.  Jaer's over being angry with you.  He can't stay mad at you for long." He chuckled.

A vision swirled before her.  A little boy with dark curly hair and ice-blue eyes giggled in Jaer's arms.  The expression of love and pride on Jaer's face melted her heart.

Drom stood tall, his chin thrusting forward.  "I will fight with you when the time comes, Erynn.  To the end."  He grabbed her shoulders and gave her a quick shake.  "A warriors death with honor."  Erynn's heart constricted.  She bit at her lower lip.  "Let's prey it doesn't come to that."
R.E. Sheahan was amazing enough to donate 2 sets of her books and a poster
for the giveaway!! Don't forget to thank her :)


  1. Thank you for the great in depth reviews!

  2. Busy cover, busy story... busy book! Is it fantasy? It seems like a fantasy read. I love fantasy! There are a lot of great indie fantasy books out there - Melissa Wright's Frey Saga is amazing :) Sounds like a good series? I'm glad you enjoyed the first and second books :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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