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**REVIEW** Closed Hearts by Susan Kaye Quinn

When you control minds, only your heart can be used against you.
Eight months ago, Kira Moore revealed to the mindreading world that mindjackers like herself were hidden in their midst. Now she wonders if telling the truth was the right choice after all. As wild rumors spread, a powerful anti-jacker politician capitalizes on mindreaders’ fears and strips jackers of their rights. While some jackers flee to Jackertown—a slum rife with jackworkers who trade mind control favors for cash—Kira and her family hide from the readers who fear her and jackers who hate her. But when a jacker Clan member makes Kira’s boyfriend Raf collapse in her arms, Kira is forced to save the people she loves by facing the thing she fears most: FBI agent Kestrel and his experimental torture chamber for jackers.
Release Date:  May 23, 2012
Published By: Createspace
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  I'm just going to go ahead and say what's on my mind now.  What in the heck just happened?!  There is no way what I read is true, yet I believe my eyes and the way my heart reacted.  I have loved Susan's writing and characters since the first chapter of Open Minds and am surprised it took me this long to dive into this one and now finishing this one my mind is reeling and all I can think of is finding out how it all works out.  Things changed in this book but we always look for growth in characters and story development, so the change though hard and at times heart breaking I'm sure was needed.

  Kira's life has changed.  She lives under the name Lucy in hiding from everyone that is now after her for revealing the Jacker secret or for being a Jacker.  What is up posed to be a quit life in hiding quickly turned into a novel packed with action and adventure.  We discover more about Jackers and as it turns out there are different types.  Kira may be special but there are other out there that are special in different ways.  They are labeled as mages and I want to be one!  The entire world is evolving again but people aren't ready for it or open minded about the new changes, they see it as a threat and one that needs to be controlled.

  As far as characters go Kira is fairly kick ass but at times she is too hard on herself.  What she did at the end of Open Minds changed everything and for her family's safety things did have to change for her but she does fight for some semblance of normal.  Though when she is given the chance to fight for what she started and those people that need it she wants nothing to do with it.  This actually did surprise me, a lot.  When the problem becomes personal and someone she cares about gets dragged in she does fight for what's right and learns a lot about others in the process.  By the end of everything she was kind of beaten down and pulled apart but this made her stronger, made her step up and she was way more kick ass than ever.

  The shiny new star in this one is Julian.  He is the charismatic leader of the mages (super Jackers) and trying to recruit Kira.  He has the best of intentions but doesn't put up with crap either.  When Kira all but endangers herself and those around her he deals with it.  I am not going to lie I kind of had hopes that Kira would fall for him.  I loved Raff but I think that they make a better match.  Julian is also fighting or the right things, the right reasons and I admire his determination to help things progress.  I'm not really sure where things will go with Julian from here but I think things will be better because of him.

  Looking back at it all there was just as much action in this installment as there was in the first.  The biggest thing is that there are more twists and more change.  Susan certainly has a way of pulling you in, making her characters vivid and placing them in situations that they will prove their worth.  Though the ending left me a little heart broken it opened up to other possibilities and really has me excited for Free Souls.  Like I need it yesterday and not just because I want to know how it ends bu because I am addicted to Susan's world and characters.  Anyone that is a fan of YA Dystopian needs this series in their collection!

"We're the next step in the evolution of mankind."  Oh boy.  It was worse than I thought.  Julian was a jacker revolutionary with a little crazy sprinkled on top.

He must have linked strongly enough, just short of jacking, that I was able to hear his linked thoughts.  How could he be in her mind at all without me sensing him?  Julian was a puzzle that was hurting my brain.

I pressed my cheek against the cold flexiglass.  He was a monster.  Why wasn't I strong enough to stop him?  My chest caved into the emptiness inside me.

Julian stood with his feet planted wide and his arms crossed, looking slightly dangerous in his all-black clothes.  Finally, my dad nodded.  I thought it was bad when they didn't like each other; somehow my dad and Julian agreeing on something, particularly about me, was worse. 

Check in tomorrow for an interview with Susan and her bio!!! 

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  1. That trailer is EPIC!!! I am intrigued!!! I had no idea this was a series - so cool! I love the name Julian. And Kira. I actually really want to read this book!!! Not entering the giveaway - but thank you!


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