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**REVIEW** Centaur Legacy by Nancy Straight

Camille and Drake are on the run from the head of the Centaur Council, seeking the mythical pasture of Thessaly and a family heirloom that may keep them safe. As their journey progresses from the rolling hills of Ireland to the snow covered forests of South Dakota, Cami learns more about her mother’s secrets, including a twin brother and a Centaur legacy that puts a death warrant on her entire family.

Camille and Drake don't know who to trust or where to hide. Camille’s family is quick to come to her aid, but who among them can be trusted?

A supernatural benefactor forces Drake to choose between being the man he wants to be and the Centaur warrior Camille needs him to be.

Release Date:  December 4, 2012
Published By:  Createspace
Review Copy: Paperback, 270 pages
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  Where can I honestly start with this well written and deliciously addictive read?  The magic, the romance and the character development is enough to send any reader into a frenzy!  There are no words that could do this one justice and I applaud Nancy for creating and maintaining such wonderful characters and managing to throw some new ones in the mix without any complications.  Just when I thought the series couldn't get any better (yes I thought that after one novel) it did and it did it in so many ways I didn't even expect.  With the multiple POV's and wonderfully descriptive strong characters, you wont be able to look away.

  I really love Camille and her loyalty to those that she loves.  This girl time and time again surprises me and has grown in leaps and bounds from Blood Debt.  This is saying a lot because she was never a rash or unreasonable character but she has grown into who she is now.  She was strong as the girl that believed she was simply human but as a Centaur she has stepped it up.  She will no longer be pushed around and is now trusting her gut because as she learns that's what really matters.  I couldn't have loved her anymore when she took "I will love you NO MATTER WHAT" to an entirely new level.  

  Beau may have stolen my heart just a little in this one.  He may have stepped outside of the lines but when he stated that he wold no longer wait around and would make his life his own, my heart expanded.  For those of you that don't see the big deal, it is a huge deal within the Centaur community.  He even befriended Daniel, Camille's friend and really just all around had my heart expanding and contracting for him.  I did have a hope for him that  did come through in the end, basically that had me making these strange squeak like girly noises.  Also despite his interactions with Daniel we didn't get much of Daniel himself.  I wish there were something more for him and feel every moment he has to be broken.

 If you are looking for a love triangle turn away.  There is nothing but devotion from this love struck couple.  In fact restraint is more than exercised throughout.  When things got rough Camille did not for one moment even consider moving on to a different suitor just because it would be easier.  It's not that there isn't a vast amount but more that she is loyal and devoted to the one person she loves.  Even her brother Beau would not settle for anything less than love.  He was willing to loose everything just to have a real shot at it.  So many novels now throw that extra guy into the mix or when it is a guy running the show give him extra options, not that I don't love that but what a breath of fresh air this is for readers.

  There is so much to talk about within this novel and so much I refuse to spoil for all of you new readers.  Development is key in this one.  You even get more of the history of the Centaurs and why the Lost Herd was hunted and shunned from the rest of the herds.  If that isn't enough to convince you then consider all of the twists that are placed strategically throughout.  Even I the one that thought she had it all figured out didn't see it coming.  Every time I found myself on the brink of irritation the author change my mind and further pulled me in by explaining why in a new twist.  Try and pass that up!  Nancy has me hooked and I was lost to the world while reading Centaur Legacy and can not wait for Centaur Rivalry. 

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 That's not the kind of love you can stumble across at the beach.  It was the rip your heart out, put everything you had to give into another's hands, and hope that they love you back.  It seriously worked, because once we escaped, I didn't need years, or months, or weeks to decide.  The details of his life up to this point were far less important than the man who lay beside me. -Camille

I was becoming far too immersed in this whole thing.  Since Drake was leaving it up to me, we were going to San Diego.  If the U.S Government couldn't find two hundred thousand illegal immigrants there, then there was a good chance Zandra wouldn't be able to pinpoint us, either. -Camille

I'd never allowed myself to be around woman.  Daniel surrounded himself with them, from the beach, to the park, to the mall; he even had a flock around him when he went to pay the utility bill.  I'd never seen anything like it. -Beau

A million things shot through my mind.  He doesn't deserve her.  She's just going to get hurt.  Centaurs are idiots.  Her family turned their backs on her.  None of those thoughts formed into words.  As true as they were, I couldn't hurt her the way everybody else could. -Daniel


  1. I loved the first book and cannot wait to read the second - have also just ordered this along with Tangled Tides. I can't wait to see how Camille's character develops further and what twists and turns remain!

  2. Yay, Helen!! I hope you love Centaur Legacy!! :D

  3. I've never heard of this book or this author! It's free!? O_O

    Great review! I'll look into this book!

  4. I love to find good books for free!!! I definitely want to read this soon. I've never read a book about centaurs! (Unless Chiron from Percy Jackson counts - he was a centaur, right?)

  5. I loved Blood Debt, such a great read. I am really looking forward to this one, sounds just as good as the first!

  6. I love a good book with mythical creatures in it.

  7. Great review. This book sounds really unique with a mythical romance. <3


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